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Most homeowner associations only start planning the best security practices after a crime. Having the right HOA perimeter security is the best way to ensure the community’s safety and its residents.

An HOA perimeter security system and access control are the first steps in preventing unwanted intruders and potential criminals from entering your community. A gated community should also install a telephone entry system to view faces and track license plates.

It is always recommended to schedule a consultation with an experienced security company specializing in HOA perimeter security. Nexlar Security has partnered with manufacturers to provide cost-effective access control, security cameras, and gate solutions for your homeowner association.

Unfortunately, not all HOAs spend much time evaluating their existing system or adequately maintaining it. Many communities generally take their security and access control plans for granted and are not always up to the task, which can be a tremendous liability for their HOA.

Let’s look at the most common safety mistakes homeowners’ associations make and how they can be avoided.

The most common mistakes a homeowner association commits are:

  • Not maintaining their surveillance system
  • Not updating gate codes
  • Not deleting old residents’ gate cards and remotes
  • Leaving the pool open and not secure

HOA Perimeter Security – Best Advice

These common mistakes can cost your HOA millions in the event of a lawsuit due to inadequate security and premises liability. It is the responsibility of the homeowner association to maintain their security cameras and access control system secure, and failure to do so can result in significant losses for the HOA.

A review by a professional security team is one way to determine where your current plans are weak and get the best advice on securing your property. Nexlar offers a free consultation for homeowner security checks, and we can help you make the best action plan for your community.

Security Solutions for HOA to Minimize Cost and Improve Security

  1. Virtual Guard Monitoring: Use virtual guard monitoring to replace or augment your security guards. Relying on a single stationed security officer alone is not, and never has been, the most efficient solution. There is no need to monitor the entire property and increase the response time. Remote monitoring is a cost-effective option that allows for a proactive monitoring plan. Relying on just one security guard or even a few guards is not the most efficient solution.
  2. Security Cameras with AI Embedded Analytics and Police Strobe: The new technology of security cameras with artificial intelligence integrated with police strobe lights can offer significant deterrence for your community. These cameras can trigger the strobe light and notify our monitoring station whenever an intruder enters a restricted area.

    Cameras can be installed by the pool, inside the clubhouse, on the perimeter of your homeowner’s association, providing an extra eye for your security guards or the monitoring station.

  3. Access Control: The proper access control system can help your homeowner association save money and streamline your entry and exit. The right access control system solution can replace a security guard at the entrance of your property. Nexlar has developed a technology that allows you to provide easy access to your visitors, employees, and contractors using your cell phone. Our system uses license plate recognition for easy entry for authorized visitor contractors and residents. This system is so intuitive that it allows you to track when a contractor enters and leaves your property. Reports are easy to use and can be accessed via your cell phone or any computer.
ins_cam-1 HOA perimeter Security – Best Advice

Frequently Asked Questions for HOA Perimeter Security Houston, TX

HOA perimeter security enhances community safety by preventing unwanted intruders and potential criminals from entering the area. It uses security cameras, access control systems, and other security measures to effectively monitor and control entry points.

Regular maintenance of the HOA security system ensures that all components function correctly, reducing the risk of security breaches. It also helps identify and fix issues before they lead to significant security lapses.

Common mistakes include not maintaining surveillance systems, failing to update gate codes, deleting old residents’ gate cards and remotes, and leaving the pool open and unsecured. These oversights can lead to significant security vulnerabilities.

Virtual guard monitoring uses remote technology to monitor the property, supplementing or replacing physical security guards. It allows for proactive surveillance, where security personnel can respond quickly to incidents, improving overall security efficiency.

AI-embedded security cameras with police strobe lights provide a strong deterrence against intruders. When an unauthorized person enters a restricted area, the strobe lights are triggered, and the monitoring station is notified, allowing for immediate action.

Access control systems streamline entry and exit processes, reducing the need for physical security guards at entry points. They use advanced technology like license plate recognition and mobile access to efficiently manage visitors, employees, and contractors, leading to cost savings.

If weaknesses are identified in the current security plan, the HOA should schedule a review with a professional security team. Nexlar offers free consultations for homeowner security checks and provides expert advice on enhancing the community’s security measures.

Yes, Security cameras and access control systems can be integrated to provide a comprehensive security solution. This integration allows for better monitoring and management of entry points, ensuring that all areas are secure and monitored in real time.

Nexlar’s access control technology enhances security by allowing easy access management using mobile devices and license plate recognition. It tracks when contractors and visitors enter and leave the property, providing detailed reports accessible via cell phones or computers.

Consulting with a security company specializing in HOA perimeter security ensures that the security measures are tailored to the community’s specific needs. Professionals can assess the current security system, recommend improvements, and provide cost-effective solutions to enhance safety.

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