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An HOA security camera can help your community be safe from sudden intrusions, especially in homeowner associations and common areas. Before choosing suitable HOA security cameras, you may want to think about the parts of your community that need protecting and how much footage you want to record.
The main types of HOA security cameras are wired and wireless. This article is for homeowner associations that are willing to install security cameras. Are you wondering what type you should take before buying and the budget you will need to plan for it?

What to consider before purchasing an HOA security camera for your community

Every homeowner association wants to secure its community. On top of a wellsecured home, you need to bear in mind the various types of HOA security cameras that are the best for your community. Now communities have access to HOA security camera systems with features that were once only available to the military and government. These features include motion detection, scene change notifications, remote accessibility, and thermal imaging.

Security cameras Pricing for you Homeowner association

The expense of installing security cameras varies depending on the type of installation required for a specific camera but is usually around $500 to $1500 per device installed. The larger the area you need to secure, like a big apartment complex, the more cameras you will install. This makes the service more expensive. So, before choosing the right camera system for your community, you need to talk to a security camera installation company for the best camera for your needs.

Security Camera Installation

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Anyone can install security cameras in their community, but the state of Texas says that you need to be licensed with type B security licenses. You cannot hire a person to install your cameras without a license. After installing all the wires, DVR, and cameras, the surveillance system should be linked to your network so you can access it from another device. It is crucial for you to coordinate with your IT manager, because camera systems can risk damaging your network if you don’t plan them carefully.

NEXLAR’s professional installation team works with specific criteria for a security camera installation. These criteria form a part of US electrical code and cyber-security standards. We aim to understand the reason for installing your security cameras assessing community behavior before selecting a security camera system.

Our installation warranty period is a 1-year full system warranty with a 5-year guarantee for any fault that a member of our installation team caused. For the most accurate warranty period, you can contact security installation services in Houston.

Type of Storage

Cameras record all footage on a DVR or NVR, but more modern cameras can also record the video footage on the cloud or Edge. Security camera systems use four basic video data storage, NVR, DVR, Edge, and cloud data storage. DVRs use analog cameras, and NVRs work with IP cameras. You can join these by using a hybrid system, letting you benefit from both systems. The Edge storage system lets you record videos directly on the cameras, and the cloud records footage on  an online remote server.

NEXLAR’s cloud-based security camera system allows you to choose when to record, the resolution, and which cameras you would like to record on the cloud or the dedicated server. With our security, it helps to protect your business data from a threat. Our full privacy encryption adds an extra layer of security, and all data and videos are encrypted. 

Type of Camera

Alfred360 is the best telephone entry system for protecting your gate, using access control and helping you recognize license plates. Residents can easily access the gated community using their license plate, card reader, or telephone. The system can assess visitors, telling you when visitors visit and exits your area. Other camera types include Face Recognition Access Control which is most commonly used at pools

The HD Auto Tracking PTZ lets the PTZ zoom in and get details such as license plate and recognize a face, and it can be used for clubhouses, pools, and entry gates. Also, our police PTZ can be linked to our monitoring station to speak over the camera and call law enforcement when needed.

If you want to access your community easily, the Long Range RFID Tag for HOA provides a great solution for homeowners because they are very cheap and simple to use. For large areas such as Homeowners Association and communities with a gate, the Telephone entry system can be used as access control and control gates and doors, merging with doors and letting you control your gates and doors.

Prevent vehicles from entering a traffic lane. Traffic spikes can assist with that. The Homeowner Association Barrier Arm Gate Barrier is suitable for traffic control and preventing vehicles from accessing certain areas, including parking garages.

What Features You Want:

If you want to recognize license plates, the License Plate Recognition feature can help you do that, and it has artificial intelligence that is capable of detecting the number plate. This lets you open the gates only for known visitors and get notified when an unknown car crosses your property. Similarly, the Face Recognition Access Control Monitoring in our security camera can help visitor’s open gates and provide additional support from a distance, watching your pool and other essential areas.

With access control for retail, you will be able to manage and control doors and entry points. You can track visitors and contractors at your property with facial, iris, fingertip, and finger vein scanning to secure your area completely. NEXLAR’s monitoring can help you achieve this by opening gates only to those who have permission to enter. This means that you can save thousands of dollars on security guards since you will not need them anymore.

Which Areas of Your Community Need Protection:

security-cameras-protection-hoa HOA Security Camera

To secure the main entry gates, whether that be parking gates or security gates, you can contact us to integrate the gates with your current access control solution. Working with current technology, we provide easy access to your parking lot. In particular, the toll tag access control system can take note of all the toll tags appearing in the parking lot. The parkinglot access control software helps you efficiently manage your system. Similarly, the parking lot access control can record all license plates.

NEXLAR’s top priority is the comfort and security of its customers. Residents of a community can enjoy an efficient replacement of traditional security guards, helping you save time and money.

Benefits of HOA Security Cameras:

Choosing the right security camera for your community can be a difficult task. There are many technologies available today, which means many cameras can help you achieve peace of mind. You can prevent intrusion, theft, and vandalism, and most importantly, you can keep your community safe by covering every area. Of course, you need to speak with the right security camera advisor and security camera company before installing cameras.

NEXLAR works carefully to ensure that we install the right security system for your requirement. Our expertise goes beyond simply the installation of a gate or gates system. Our installers can repair and service all major gates, like security gates. We work with the latest technology to offer you the most efficient gates.

We offer the latest security solutions to protect and keep your family safe, ensuring that they meet your exact needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a basic alarm system or the latest security solution available, we can help. Our technical workers at NEXLAR are licensed, have insurance, and are assessed with a criminal history background check and FBI fingerprinting


Most homeowner associations are searching for solutions that can improve their lifestyle and keep a maximum level of security. NEXLAR is the best option for that. We offer the best pricing packages in Houston, and we have experts who can design, service, and install access control, security cameras, gates, telephone entry systems, and much more.

Nexlar’s team is proud to provide amazing customer service. Our security gates specialists based in Houston have years of experience and are ready to help you with securing your gates properly. We are highly rated by “The BBB,” Yahoo Customer Ratings,” and “Google Plus Reviews.”

NEXLAR offers free on-site consultation, giving you the solution to all of your security problems and needs. They are the most trusted HOA Security Camera System providing company. Don’t forget to visit the NEXLAR website to get the best offer for your business.

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