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Selecting the right security cameras e surveillance system for your business or home in Houston may be a challenging task. The vast amount of technologies available in the market can make all the difference for you and your business. Today there many different CCTV surveillance software that can help you achieve a specific task to help your business grow and minimize liability. Selecting the right security camera system can help you automate your business tasks, prevent theft and vandalism, and most importantly, help your business grow by streamlining the process and avoiding litigation; therefore, now is important than ever for you to consult with the right security cameras expert and professional security camera installation company. Nexlar security cameras business consultants are here to help you select the correct type of camera, placement, and software that will help increase your return on investment and grow your business. We work with the latest commercial security cameras and standards to ensure the installation of your security cameras system is done with quality and quickly.


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 Why Nexlar Choose For Your Security Camera Installation In Houston?

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Our professional Houston installation team follows specific installation standards to ensure that the work is done quickly and of the highest quality. Our security installer’s first step to understanding your business  behavior to select the right technology before the installation  of the system you select. Our security camera installation Houston tx team follows national electrical code standards and cyber-security standards to ensure your business is protected and to minimize your risks.

We are located in Houston and ready to assist you. Call us today for free expert consultation.

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Houston Installation And Commercial Leading Warranty

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Our standard installation warranty is 1 year full system warrant and the installation up 5 years for an error committed by our installation team, and for our equipment varies depending on the manufacturer. Some of our security camera systems carry a unique lifetime warranty. Consult with our surveillance and security installation expert in Houston to make sure you select the right system for your business.


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Once you have selected the type of surveillance system you are using; the most important task is to develop a plan for installing IP cameras in your company. To ensure that you get the best return, you need to plan your installation carefully, as not all cameras are not built the same.
There are many surveillance systems, cameras, and software on the market today, and choosing the right system can minimize your liability and greatly impact your company profits. It is vital that you understand the benefits of IP-based surveillance camera technology and how it can be used to minimize liability, maximize profits, and streamline your business’s most important processes.

Surveillance cameras and software today have amazing features that can correct employee misconduct, provide never-before-seen data, and warn when something is unusual occurring in your business.

By carefully selecting the right security camera system and software, it is crucial to select the best cameras for the rights application.
By planning a free survey with one of our surveillance system Houston experts, we can respond to your business needs and help you choose the right CCTV camera system for your business while ensuring the installation is done correctly with proper business-standard.

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The first goal to determine the best camera is first to understand the primary reason to install the cameras. Security cameras can be an excellent investment for your business if you select the correct cameras and install them the right way. Every installation requires a protocol to be followed. The installation of security cameras should be done by a professional installer that follows national electrical code standards.
After the installation of all the wires, DVR, and cameras, the surveillance system must be connected to your network for you to be able to see the surveillance cameras remotely. Planning this step with your IT manager is ideal as camera systems can pose a threat to your network if not programmed carefully.
Usually, cameras record all footage to a DVR or NVR. Our New camera line can also be set to record the video footage on the cloud, edge ( onboard)
With new advancements in security camera technology, wireless security cameras are common. Wireless security cameras are ideal for small houses or small businesses. Usually, when we are unable to run a wire or the installation of the wired camera is expensive, in a location such as parking lots, apartment complexes, we use wireless access points connected with IP cameras. These devices allow us to stream the camera up to 1.6 miles of distance and minimize our installation cost. Consult with our security camera installation team to know the best solution for your application.
The cost of the installation of security cameras varies depending upon the type of installation you need for a particular camera. A small business with a tile ceiling can vary between 50 to $100 per camera installed. If you have a warehouse, large company, large apartment complex, you will need multiple devices to interconnect the cameras making the installation a lot more expensive. So before selecting the right camera system for your business, always consult with a security camera installation company to better understand your needs and the right camera for your business and the cheapest way to install the cameras in your industry. Planning the installation can save you thousands of dollars and maximize your investment because, with the advancing technology, cameras can do a lot more than just recording images.
Yes, anyone can stall security cameras in your business, but the state of Texas requires security camera installers to be licensed with type B security licenses. It is unlawful to hire an individual to perform camera installations without the proper license.
Selecting the right cameras may vary depending upon the application necessary for your business. The first step is to determine what application you’re going to use that camera. Once you choose your camera application, you can look into the details and features of the different cameras available. For example, if you have a large parking lot, you may consider a pan tilt and zoom camera that allows you to zoom in and out giving you the ability to view details. If you have a small business, it might be sufficient to use a 1080p camera for your business. Suppose you have a large warehouse where there are conveyor belts and multiple employees. In that case, you may choose a camera with analytics to provide you unique details and notify you of unusual activity. Today selecting the software and the application for that camera is as important as choosing the cameras. There are many cameras’ features to help grow your business, improve processes, notify an unusual event and, more. That’s why so important for you to have the right security solution Company by your side helps you choose the right camera and the best system that will maximize your return on investment.
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