virtual-security-guard Virtual Security Guard Services for Your Business

Nowadays, companies have turned to Virtual Security Guard services to help minimize physical security guards’ costs. Because it’s highly effective for their business’s security, meeting all of their needs and at the same time cutting down the cost of the human guard.

Want to take extra care of your business, construction site, or parking lot? Are you looking for something you can depend on to protect your property? Call us. We have the right solutions for your business.

What is a Virtual Security Guard?

Utilizing the latest security camera technology, we have remote licensed security guards watching your cameras 24/7. Unlike physical security guards, our monitoring station never sleeps. We minimize our cost by using special software that only sends an alert notification when a human or car is identified, saving money and human processing.

A virtual security guard is a system based on the latest cameras, equipment, and software installed systems monitored by real license security guards from a remote location. These systems take care of your business and never sleep. We offer Virtual Security Services at reduced costs and without compromising your security.

Key Benefits of Virtual Security Guard Services

Virtual Security Guard services offer numerous advantages for businesses looking for efficient and effective security solutions. Here are the key benefits:

1. Reliable: Virtual security systems are highly reliable. They utilize sophisticated technology to monitor your premises around the clock without the risk of human error, fatigue, or oversight.

2. Reduced Cost: One of the most significant benefits of virtual security guards is the cost savings. They are considerably less expensive than hiring physical security guards, as they reduce the need for multiple personnel and can oversee multiple locations at once.

3. Easily Manageable Technology: Modern virtual security systems are user-friendly and easy to manage. They often come with intuitive interfaces that allow you to control and monitor your security measures from a smartphone or computer, making security management more straightforward than ever.

4. Monitor Several Areas Simultaneously: Virtual security guards can keep an eye on multiple areas at once, which is not possible for a single physical guard. This capability ensures comprehensive coverage and enhances security across your entire property.

5. Electronic Reporting: These systems automatically generate electronic reports that log all security events and incidents. This feature ensures detailed documentation that can be invaluable for reviewing incidents and improving future security measures.

6. Eliminate the Need for Security Guards: By deploying virtual guards, you can reduce or even eliminate the need for physical security personnel. This transition can lead to significant cost reductions and less logistical complexity in managing staff.

7. Remote Opener Available: Virtual systems can be equipped with remote access features, allowing you to control entry points like gates and doors from anywhere. This feature is particularly useful for managing visitor access or responding quickly to a security alert.

8. Instant Response Technology: Virtual security guards can be programmed to respond instantly to detected threats, whether it’s sounding an alarm, locking down the premises, or alerting local authorities. This rapid response capability is crucial in preventing and mitigating potential security threats.

These benefits make Virtual Security Guard services a compelling choice for businesses aiming to modernize their security measures while ensuring robust protection for their assets and premises.


Benefits that Nexlar Offers

Nexlar provides the best Security Cameras, Access Control, and Integration Technology-based Virtual Security. Thousands of businesses trust our company, and we have helped companies save millions using our virtual security guard service.

Call now! Can we help you cut costs and maximize your security? (281) 972-3473. Schedule a free onsite consultation today and take advantage of our expertise. Our virtual security consultants are here to help you call now.

Virtual Security Guard Features

  1. 24/7 Security
  2. Cost Reduction Benefits
  3. Reasonable Monthly Fees
  4. Advanced Technology-Based System
  5. Images Records for all Entries & Exits
  6. Trained monitoring personnel
  7. On-Demand: Can Send Images Remotely

Digital Security Guard Video Monitoring

There is a mass transition from traditional security guard services to virtual security guard services, notably influenced by advancements in technology over time. Video monitoring services have proven to effectively reduce criminal activity by holding those accountable for crimes and punishing them accordingly.

Our Digital or virtual Security Guard offers remote video monitoring. With licensed and trained security guards who react and respond to threats immediately. Security camera systems can be optimized and quickly turned on or off for alert alarms. The virtual security guard monitors and sends an alarm when any motion or sound is detected.

If you are looking for full-time security personnel at a much lower price, you are at the right place. We will provide you with all the basics of virtual security systems. You will save money using the Virtual Security Guard service, which is a more effective method than physical security guards.

Protect Your Property and Assets

Nexlar Virtual Security Guard provides one of the most efficient and effective crime prevention and surveillance monitoring systems. These services can be modified accordingly to meet the exact needs of your specific industry or business.

Live Security Camera Monitoring and Remote Security Monitoring

Experience the benefits of live security camera monitoring and remote security monitoring with Nexlar’s advanced virtual security solutions. Ensure comprehensive coverage and real-time surveillance for your multi-family residential gate security and other critical access points.

Ring Virtual Security Guard and Best Virtual Security Guard Services

Looking for a top-rated Ring Virtual Security Guard or the best virtual security guard services? Nexlar specializes in virtual guard security solutions tailored for your unique needs, from residential to commercial settings, enhancing your overall security strategy.

Conclusion: Secure Your Business with Nexlar’s Virtual Security

Need a Virtual Security Guard? Contact us now for a free quote and consultation regarding remote video monitoring and virtual security guard services. Our security systems can integrate alerts that, in turn, will trigger a notification, which then will help identify unwanted activity. Get benefited from our virtual security services.

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Frequently ask question about virtual guard 

Virtual security guards are better than physical security guards. They do the same job while also reducing the risk of an actual human getting injured in a dangerous situation. Our virtual security guards are far less expensive than security guards because they operate remotely. Our monitoring staff view events of the camera and deploy law enforcement when needed, making it highly effective. Are you looking for the best virtual security guard system provider? Well, we provide virtual security guard services, the industry’s best and most secure techniques.

The virtual security guard is a service that combines advanced security camera technology with a well-trained monitoring station staff. The cameras have artificial intelligence that is capable of notifying the monitoring station when suspicious activity occurs. The virtual security guard received the camera signal and watched the footage. If there is a crime in progress, our virtual guard will contact authorities. Police respond much faster to a crime in progress compared to a traditional alarm signal.

Let us put it in a sense that you own a furniture shop and want to attract clients by placing displays outside the store. But you can’t put your exhibits inside because you can’t lift the furniture by yourself. The restocking day arrives, and you must leave immediately to visit your supplier. You don’t have someone to keep an eye on your business.

When you returned home, you discovered that several of your displays were missing. Then you checked your computer and saw a video of people taking your displays. Since you have placed security cameras, you are confident that no one will try to rob or steal your displays.
You do not know what to do, and you are so frustrated. So, before it’s too late, reach out to us at Nexlar to avoid situations like this from happening in real life! We know how to solve this issue! We introduce to you the Virtual Security Guard System. It is a new generation of smart video analysis.

A Virtual Guard is a real security agent who works remotely. It uses the most advanced technological ways for securing an area or property, which makes it one of our most popular services. The guard then uses the Internet to connect to the monitored area. It gives the communities and businesses real-time communication and human involvement. You may have preventative surveillance at amenities and visitor verification at gates. While also having database administration and more with a remote agent. All this approach is for a fraction of the expense of onsite guards.

This allows the guards to divide and conquer tasks more efficiently, such as inspecting cameras and hard drives recovering incident video. It will also be easier to validate visitors at gates and respond to incidents at community amenities. All these activities are under our constant monitoring and with thorough reporting.

It can also track multiple locations in a community simultaneously by using virtual guarding. These can be managed simultaneously with the power of technology if an incident occurs in the area. At the same time, a guest needs to get authenticated at the gate. A virtual guard can also collaborate with onsite security and law enforcement.

Suppose there comes a time that the neighborhood has to maintain an onsite guard on duty during peak hours. Well, no worries because a remote agent can check visitors once the local guard has left for the day. When a situation arises that needs the help of local law enforcement, an agent will dispatch them.

One of the most common problems of companies is when their security guard calls for sick leaves. But, with Nexlar’s Commercial Security Cameras and Security System Experts, you have nothing to worry about. Nexlar is a full-service security firm. We have agents from service to installation and maintenance. Rest assured that these agents are well trained. They can handle and understand business security demands. Our services include designing, installation, maintenance services, and monitoring. In a nutshell, we’ve got it all for you, so give us a call today!

Virtual Security guard for your business: Replace security guards and more effective

The pandemic has brought economic issues. But aside from that, one of the most significant threats to your business are shoplifters, vandals, and burglars.

Virtual security guard technology can improve your company’s security. It is remote surveillance for your premises. The system uses live video technology, the Internet, and qualified security officers. Here are some reasons to invest in our virtual guard to safeguard your business.

Increased Capacity

Human eyes are remarkable, no doubt on that one. Yet, their ability to see reduces as the amount of light diminishes. When it comes to cameras, this is not the case. Low-light technology and night vision have dramatically improved the capabilities of security cameras. It also enhanced the capacity of virtual security guards to spot potential threats. This is especially important because the majority of crimes occur after dark. Virtual guarding is excellent with the cutting-edge technology that underpins it. Together it became a powerful tool for keeping your business safe at night.

Security Costs Are Lower

A virtual guard system scans the entire site and keeps track of all visitors. The remote guard system requires fewer resources to maintain than regular guards. With virtual security guards, you can save money on staff recruitment and maintenance. This will help your company’s bottom line.

Improved Onsite Security


All thanks to the advancements in video and internet technology. Security businesses can now provide more efficient surveillance solutions. Your business’s video cameras will be connected to the Internet. And then a security specialist watches the situation on huge screen monitors.
The security cameras cover a larger area. Also, it displays realistic images on the monitor. Some systems use artificial intelligence (AI) to track suspicious conduct in public. The question of guards wandering about your facility is less efficient than using real-time surveillance.
The in-charge security specialist can dispatch law enforcement in times of risk. The remote guard system will tell the needed details to law enforcement for a successful response. It can be used to warn off potential robbers. Some virtual guard systems have two-way speakers. These speakers deter criminals on your property.

Liability Risk is Reduced 

When you put a team of employees in charge of security at your company, you open yourself up to many liabilities. The security guard or guests on your property may be injured due to security operations. Your firm is responsible for compensating a security guard who gets injured while on the job. Similarly, if a security person injures a visitor, your company could face legal action.
The device does not pose the same threat to employees on the premises. It would be best if you allocated income to such unanticipated expenses. This includes incidents that may stifle organizational growth. But our virtual guard system can decrease your company’s liability risk.

Increased Efficiency

Physical security guards can be effective deterrents against criminal behavior. But they do have limitations. For starters, onsite guards are limited to being in one location at a time. They won’t be able to see every aspect of the business at all times. Virtual guards may simultaneously watch all areas of your property. This includes both inside and outside.

“Guards protect people, virtual monitoring protects property,” John DeLue often advises business owners. When a business is available to the public, John advocates having physical security officers onsite—then switching to remote monitoring services when the firm closes. The good thing is you do not have to pick between actual and virtual guards.

Personnel Surveillance Has Been Improved

Employee behavior at your site is tracked and recorded by a virtual security guard system. The security service provider can give you tailored data and video footage. The data helps monitor staff arrivals and departures in addition to watching after-hours service providers like cleaners and landscapers.

Whether severe or not, any crime has the potential to disrupt the smooth operation of your organization. Through real-time surveillance, a virtual security guard can improve site security. We can install video cameras in strategic spots across your property for the best view.
We are passionate about security. The remote guard system can deter crime, record criminal activities, and request that law police respond quickly. Our staff at Nexlar can assist you if you wish to improve security at your business or residence. In addition to that, our organization has been providing top-notch security solutions to clients for years. Contact us today for Houston’s best property security solutions and the surrounding areas.

A virtual security guard system is less expensive than a traditional surveillance system. It is no longer necessary to hire in-person security officers to monitor CCTV footage.

Virtual security guard systems will be in charge of monitoring surveillance cameras and responding to incidents. Several supervised individuals remotely monitor the recording. It is to make sure that there will be no problem

Smart cameras with threat detection technology enable more excellent in-depth monitoring. Virtual security guard systems can detect threats that are difficult to detect by an in-person security guard.

Protection is available around the clock.
With a virtual security system, you can rest assured that your video cameras will be watched at all times. You will no longer be concerned about security personnel going to the restroom or falling asleep.

There will be no immediate onsite assistance.

With virtual security systems, there is no instant onsite assistance. Virtual security has proven far faster than traditional surveillance systems in event response time.

Gated Community and Building Virtual guard: Virtual Doorman service
Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a security system is essential when making a wise decision. Each design is valuable in its own right. Virtual security guard systems are more advanced than traditional monitoring. Although, there will always be people who still choose traditional techniques, perhaps because they want someone to greet them as they enter or exit the building, especially in a gated community. In such a case, a virtual doorman service can be used.


Virtual Doorman is a building-wide system. It combines surveillance and access management to allow guests. It also deliveries and helps residents locked out of their building access remotely. The Operators at our Command Center can remotely monitor and regulate entry to your property. This is done via a secure Internet connection and integrated digital CCTV. They also use cameras, intercom, and access control devices.


Several things help us in keeping an eye on everything. This includes the remotely operated doors and strategically placed surveillance cameras. Residents, guests, and administration all found the system to be user-friendly. The video intercom unit at the building entry allows visitors and operators to have two-way audio and visual interaction. By pressing the call button, residents, guests, and delivery employees will be connected to the Virtual Doorman. The virtual Doorman will greet them and assist them as needed.


This technological innovation offers the same services as a traditional doorman. The catch is it is at a fraction of the cost. It was formerly known as a high-end feature, but now it is a must for any residential development. It is a combination of the latest in security and access control technologies. It greets the visitors and allows access, collects shipments and deliveries, and much more. We offer the best solution for every building and every budget, regardless of the size of your facility or the amount of personalized service you need.


Our remote doorman Operators are the eyes and ears of your property. They will be in charge of monitoring and controlling access to your business. They will be using a combination of proprietary software and hardware integrated with video surveillance, intercom, and access control systems. This is to provide a superior level of security and convenience and take action as needed.


Virtual Doorman assists with the day-to-day operations of the building.


You already know that Nexlar specializes in offering high-tech security systems! Our services are both trustworthy and successful in preventing crime. Our virtual security services are designed to provide you with peace of mind regardless of your location. This is because you can rest assured that your estate, business, or property is secure at all times.


A virtual security guard service can help businesses in almost any industry. This is especially true for companies that deal with precious products regularly or keep and transport pricey assets. Companies should consider virtual security guards a need. Especially for those who have valuable assets or sensitive information. Such as data, computers, electronic equipment, and so on. These organizations can reap the benefits of experienced security guards more practically and cost-effectively. Well, big thanks to remote video surveillance.


There are three types of security for businesses. Installing security camera systems helps dissuade unwanted intrusions, common in most commercial industries. Second, a security guard gives a high level of protection, which improves the security camera system’s performance. Security guards also have the knowledge and training. That will allow them to conduct effective security protocols. So they can keep areas safe and secure from criminal threats. There are also various types of security, such as access control systems and perimeter security gates. And all of these contribute to a secure environment. Each of these three types of protection is combined into one proactive security solution by a virtual security guard service.


Unwanted guests are deterred from entering restricted areas by a security camera system. On the other hand, the most dedicated criminals will continue to explore ways to penetrate places. And to have access to the assets or data they seek. Some security measures make it more difficult for these people to remain undetected. This includes security fences and gates with barbed wire or secure access control systems. Security cameras are installed to watch and record actions in these susceptible places. However, they are ineffective in deterring criminals if there is no response to their presence.


In a proactive approach, virtual security guards provide the final tier of defense. If suspicious activity is detected, remote security guards will intervene. They will follow appropriate processes to ensure that the criminal will be captured. When required, security guards can prevent intruders and bring in higher layers of protection. This will now involve police enforcement. Thanks to the outstanding technology present in modern video surveillance equipment. They can now reveal additional information about possible burglars.


Security for businesses can take a variety of forms. Having a virtual security guard service handles various parts of a company’s security. They can provide a high level of resistance against any infiltration. At the same time, they are avoiding the hefty costs involved with hiring real security guards.


Finding a good bargain on security cameras and equipment is critical if it’s time to improve your surveillance system. You can save money quickly while also ensuring that your property is adequately safeguarded at all times by hiring our service. We can help you remotely monitor your security cameras. Besides, a virtual security guard also contacts emergency agencies ahead of time. This is to ensure that response times are as quick as possible.


Nexlar is one of the best options for looking for an online security camera and surveillance equipment provider. We are the most cost-effective way to upgrade or install a new surveillance system. We work with trusted manufacturers to offer you the best service at an affordable price. Visit Nexlar’s website to see our security cameras and surveillance equipment catalog.

The cost of a Virtual Security Guard service can vary depending on several factors including the level of monitoring required, the number of cameras to be monitored, and the specific features needed. Generally, virtual security guard services can range from $100 to $300 per month per camera. This makes them a more cost-effective option compared to traditional physical security guards, which can significantly reduce overhead costs while still providing effective surveillance and security measures.

Virtual Security Guard services are now utilized by businesses to reduce the price of actual security guards. It is also effective for their company’s security. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, meeting all the requirements while also lowering the expense of a human guard.
Want to give your business, construction site, or parking lot a little more attention? Are you seeking something you can rely on to keep your home safe and secure? We have the best solutions. Don’t hesitate to get to call or touch with us.

Take advantage of our virtual security services. Our security systems can incorporate alarms, which will then generate a message. Then, it will aid in the detection of unauthorized behavior. You may also look at our company reviews, core competencies, and prior success on our main page. You can also call us at (281) 407-0768.

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