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Nexlar can help design, install and maintain security cameras for self-storage. Our security consultants can help you minimize cost and maximize your security, from solar and battery-operated cameras to fully wireless security cameras. Our Self storage security cameras installers are experts in wireless installation and optimizing the security cameras installation to maximize your return on the surveillance system.


On all our security cameras system for self-storage, you will have a free cell phone app that allows you to remotely view, playback, and receive notifications. Our special video analytics cameras prevent crimes and communicate with the monitoring stations in real-time. Police respond faster with a verified video of the crime in progress. Our commercial security camera system for your self-storage can help you protect the property, minimize your cost and maximize your return on investment. Schedule a free onsite assessment with one of our security installer experts. Call us today. 

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Self Storage Security Cameras Installation – Nexlar Process


We have a unique approach for self storage security cameras installation. First, we offer free onsite consultation with the security camera expert. The consultant will go over the location and requirements for each area where you want to have the cameras installed. Second, or consultant will go over. The best approach, best technology, and best recommendations for your needs and budget. During our surveillance camera consultation, the consultants were also going over. You’re a need analysis to understand what is the best technology used for your property to solve the current issues you’re having. He then designed a package that would be specially designed for your business. 

List Of Benefits Nexlar Self Storage Security Cameras

1) You can readily take control of your business operations.
2) You can efficiently manage your system remotely.
3) Less liability.
4) Improve your employee productivity.
5) Track your employee productivity.
6) Prevent and discourage crimes.
7) Cloud-based storage.
8) Proactive security

License Plate Security Cameras

license-plate-self-storage Self Storage Security Cameras

Nexlar also sells CCTV surveillance security cameras that can read license plates. This one can see a lot further than most. Also, it can stabilize the car’s movement so that the picture turns outright. In the same way, it is the same as a special AI camera. Here are some of the things you should know about this type of camera before you buy it. The megapixel camera has a high resolution so that you can see any essential things that are on the screen. So this camera looks at the license plate of the car. These cameras also have special software and lenses that work together. In conjunction with software, LPR cameras can also recognize people in real-time. In which the format is easy to store and send to the government. Finally, the software can send out alerts and notifications as soon as someone gets into the house.

Virtual Guard For Self-Storage

virtual-guard-self-storage Self Storage Security Cameras

Virtual Security Guard services are now used by businesses to help cut down on the costs of hiring physical security guards. Because it’s perfect for their business’s security, meeting all of their needs and cutting down on the price of a human guard at the same time, which is what they want. If you want to take extra care of your business, construction site, or parking lot, this book is for you! Yes, I’m looking for something that I can trust and protect my things. Call us, and we’ll help you. We can help your business.

5 Reasons Why You Need Proactive Cameras?

proactive-cameras-self-storage Self Storage Security Cameras

Now, we have learned about the different types of proactive cameras. And also, we know how it works. We see now why we need this proactive camera, especially for self-storage facilities.


Security Guards

The first reason you need proactive cameras is for security guards. Hiring a security guard is expensive. Also, it can even cost you a thousand dollars. Moreover, these onsite guards have drawbacks:

1) Limited Coverage
2) Inadequate training
3) Lack of confidence to do their job.


Security Expenses


Having a big unit, you might want to get drive-by patrol services, but it can be inefficient and costly. Also, another camera system might not be able to be monitored around the clock.

security-cameras-self-storage-consultation Self Storage Security Cameras



When there is suspicious activity, a proactive camera can detect that on the spot. Virtual guard can send that to the police.




We can deny the fact that self-storage facilities are vulnerable to theft. But with proper monitoring using proactive cameras, you can avoid this.


People Living


Some renters tend to live in self-storage units. It is one of the common problems. But with video monitoring, you can avoid this and future damage to the property.

Benefits Of Having Proactive Cameras In Place

benefits-proactive-cameras-self-storage Self Storage Security Cameras

Here are the following benefits you can achieve once you have proactive cameras in your self-storage facilities.


  • 1) Tenant confidence.
  • Tenants will be more confident that they are in the right place, at ease that their important belongings are secured. A proactive camera will give them a sense of peace of mind. At the same time, it can increase your rental occupancy.
  • 2) 24/7 monitoring coverage.
  • You can set your system on a specific site to cover it 24/7. Or monitor every place on the property. Experts monitor it so you can feel more comfortable.
  • 3) Customized and reported analytics.
  • By putting proactive cameras, you just never stop on that. You will also be able to have a clear view onsite. Everything that is happening. Also, these data can serve as evidence if an event occurred within the property.
  • 4) Insurance savings.
  • As the proactive cameras serve as virtual video surveillance, it lessens the property’s premium insurance.
  • 5) Design.
  • It will not just be a proactive camera. You can also choose from good designs.
  • 6) Prevent employee theft.
  • More than 75% of thefts happen to be inside the facility. But with proactive cameras and data that it provides, you can determine their movement. Also, employees will not hastily move around the facility if they are aware of surveillance cameras.


self-storage-security-cameras-consultation-help Self Storage Security Cameras

The proactive camera can deal with unwanted events in real-time and even future events. Proactive cameras respond to criminals using loud voice warnings.vAudio interactivity also allows someone off-cam to use the sound systems to warn of potential danger. And visible deterrents can turn on bright lights by motion and sound.vIf you want to be more equipped and knowledgeable in terms of security systems, you can Nexlar. Nexlar offers a lot of security cameras and CCTV surveillance solutions with three years warranty. Also, they have a free consultation onsite. So they can refer you to the best-fit solutions for your business.


Free onsite consultation. Call us at (281) 407-0768

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