Choosing the best telephone entry system for HOA community can be challenging 

Importance of Telephone Entry Systems for HOAs

We always recommend a telephone entry system for HOA with visitor management to help minimize the risk of tailgates and damage to the gate by people trying to enter the community. The correct telephone entry system for HOAs can increase the value of your property and minimize your neighborhood’s expenses. 

Benefits of Telephone Entry Systems

The best access control solution with a telephone entry system can help your community save thousands. A simple cloud-based telephone entry system and access control system designed for gated communities and HOAs can help your community minimize liability by ensuring your gates are always closed and no unauthorized users have access codes.
In most neighborhoods dealing with access control, there is a lack of control over who manages the information and management of the access control systems, telephone entry systems for HOAs, and gates.

Many HOAs have multiple security guards, impractical access control, and considerable costs to the community.

Usually, in most neighborhoods dealing with access control, we noticed a big disconnect between property managers, board members, and gate companies.
Property managers and gate contractors charge 
HOA gated communities anywhere from $25 to $100 to add and delete new residents. When a gate company or management company is fired, the neighborhood community board member has difficulty attaining the correct information and using the system.

Many HOAs have multiple security guards, impractical access control, and considerable costs to the community.
We have helped many communities and are ready to help and serve you. We focus on streamlining the process and saving you money.

For example, we helped a company save over $1 million annually by implementing an access control system with visitor management and a telephone entry system.
This business had 14 security guards operating 24/7 at seven entry gates. We streamlined their process with our cloud-based telephone entry system and control technology Alfred360, reducing the number of security guards to 2 and empowering them to have complete control over who enters and exits the property. Alfred360 improved the efficiency and productivity of the gated entry and made it more secure.

What are the most important things to consider when deciding on the best telephone entry system for HOA and access control for your community:

Critical Considerations for Choosing the Best Telephone Entry System for HOA

1. Budget
2. Functionality
3. Easy to use
4. Features
5. Visitor Management
6. Usability
7. Who will manage the telephone entry system
8. Communication
9. Support
10. Maintaining Database
11. Adding and Deleting users

What is the cost of a telephone entry system for HOA?

Telephone entry systems cost between $1000 and $7000, depending on features, technology, and the number of users. For most new telephone entry systems, you must pay for the communication ( Landline, internet, or GSM) and cloud service, which cost anywhere from $29 to $1000 per month, depending on the size and features required.
The first step is choosing the budget for the system.
What is your budget? What is the size and style of the community?
Which system will increase the value of the property?
Consider the best investment for the community and not just a simple solution that is cheap and not as effective or friendly.

What are the best functionalities of the telephone entry system for the HOA Community?

Selecting a telephone entry system for your community that is easy to use, contains useful features for residents/visitors, and will streamline your entry gate systems is essential. The gates are an extension of your house, and the best system will allow you to fully control who goes in and out of your entry gates. The best functionalities of your telephone entry system for HOA will be visitor management, the ability to integrate with access control, compatibility with multiple credentials, cloud-based integration with cameras, and the ability to record all data securely in the cloud. 

How do you add and delete users from your telephone entry system?

Adding and deleting users on your telephone entry system should be easy. For most older telephone entry systems, such as Linear and Liftmaster, you must go to the computer where the software is hosted and enter the software that manages the telephone entry system for your HOA. You will add the user, map the credentials, and ensure the system syncs with the telephone entry system in the software.
Alfred360’s Cloud-based telephone entry system for HOAs and apartment complexes is much simpler. Our website can be accessed from any PC or smart cellphone. You will enter your account, click Add User, and complete the fields. Then, the system will automatically sync with the telephone entry system in your community.

What are the benefits of visitor management for your gated community?

Visitor management system for apartments and Reporting A telephone entry system for HOAs with good reporting and visitor management will empower you to help your community know when and where someone enters and leaves your property. This feature will prevent tailgates, over-billing by contractors, and a full view of everyone who has entered the community. Visitor management can prevent security guards from constantly checking visitors.
Alfred360 visitor management can recognize visitor license plates and easily access the community.

How does the telephone entry system for HOA work?

Many systems still utilize old technology that will soon be terminated. Many systems still use land or 3G communication. Selecting how the system communicates can be very important to ensure you are making the correct investment.
The system uses communication to synch the database and allow visitor access. When visitors arrive, they use telephone entry to dial residents. When residents receive the call and answer, they can press the * phone keypad to allow visitors to access the gate.
Newer systems can communicate via the Internet and GSM with visitor management features and text messaging. A cloud-based telephone entry system for HOAs can allow residents to register visitors and enable them to enter the gate using QR codes, license plates, and pin codes to access the gated community.

System management, Support, Adding and deleting new users.

Managing this system can be daunting for a community and property manager who does not maintain a good operating procedure or keeps changing gate companies. From experience, many Homeowner associations don’t have one person to oversee the installation. When that person leaves, HOA members have to scramble to attain information on accessing their system. Usually, the property manager manages the database and charges the homeowner every time they add or delete residents from the database. We always recommend that the Homeowners Association select a system where they are comfortable making the changes themselves. Having a good start operation procedure for the telephone entry system for HOA and access control management can save thousands of homeowner associations. Most telephone entry system manufacturers are designed to support the gate or access control company, not the homeowner. Alfred360 white glove solution was designed to save homeowners’ association and put the power of the technology in the hands of the HOA members.

Access telephone entry system for HOA database

Accessing your telephone entry system database will depend on your system. Most legacy systems will have software installed on your PC that hosts your database. For example, for linear telephone entry accessbase2000 and working telephone entry, you must log into your PC, open the software, and find the export button, usually under the file top menu.

On Alfred360, from any PC or smartphone, visit our log into our site and press export database. It is that simple.

Telephone Entry System Recommendation for HOA and Gated Communities

Budget-Friendly Telephone Entry System

For budget and entry gates at communities with no space for a telephone entry system, we developed Alfred virtual system that costs around $1000 for the installation – Call us at 281-407-0768 for details. This innovative system is entirely virtual. Visitors can get easy access using their cellphone by visiting our website or using the QR code provided at the gate.- Visitors are pre-registered into our cloud-based solution. We use the same encryption as the bank, and the visitor and community information is secure. The system also includes access control with remotes, card readers, toll tags, and license plate recognition for neighborhood access control.
This innovative solution replaces the telephone entry system and streamlines gate access and visitor management. It is easy to manage and completely wireless, making it very affordable.

HOA Access Control System vs. Telephone Entry System

HOA Access control systems and telephone entry systems are both used to manage who can enter HOA (Homeowners Association) properties, but they work a bit differently.

Access Control System: This system uses electronic keys, cards, or biometrics (like fingerprints) to allow people into the property. It’s very secure because each entry method is unique to the user.

Telephone Entry System: This system uses a phone line for visitors to call residents directly from the gate. Residents can then press a button on their phone to open the gate. It’s straightforward and lets residents control who comes in without needing physical keys or cards.

Both systems help keep your community safe and secure, but they offer different features depending on your HOA needs.

Mid Size to Large Gated Community Turnkey Cellular Telephone Entry System for HOA With Access Control

Innovative White Glove Solution Turn Key Access control, visitor management, and telephone entry system. The most completed telephone entry and access control solution for your community
This wireless solution allows the telephone entry system for HOA and access control to be integrated with GSM, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi, giving you the most flexibility. The Alfred telephone entry system and access control for HOA include a lifetime warranty, cloud-based management, free lifetime support, labor, and parts warranty and maintenance.
Alfred360 allows you to access your community with your license plate, toll tag, remotes, cards, and windshield tags.
You can register visitors at a pre-determined time they are authorized to enter your entry gate. The visitor will receive a text with all the details.
When visitors access your property using their license plate or pin code, you will receive a text message letting you know your visitor has arrived.
The backward-compatible system will work with most existing remotes and card readers. Alfred’s telephone and access control system can easily be integrated with any gate or door.
You can view, add, and delete all data from a friendly user interface
Reports show your license plate and time of entry and exit.
The system can be managed by virtual security guards and completely replace physical security guards, saving your property thousands.

Watch all the unique features at

Telephone Entry Systems for HOA and Gated communities that are easy to install

Telephone Entry System with facial recognition Cameras and QR code for visitor management and Phone app

Another great system for your HOA is the AKuvox. The Akuvox telephone entry system offers excellent technology and affordable prices. It is also a great telephone entry system for small communities looking to upgrade their old call box. This callbox is easy to use and install. Call us for more details.
Watch the video for more details on Akuvix

With the Akuvox Door Phone, you can control who comes into your building by opening the door using your smartphone.
Increase security in the commercial and residential buildings by visual and audio monitoring.
For more details, visit –

Simple telephone entry system for small communities with up to 8 users

The AES Smart Intercom Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or 4G Modem is easy to use and designed to be easy and functional. You can have a maximum of 8 users. Users can open the gate from a phone app or press number 9 on their phone keypad when a call is received from the AES telephone entry system.

Advanced Electronic Solutions LLC PRAE-4GUS-ABK-MON1 1 button Video Intercom + Monitor