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Nexlar is Your Partner in Security Solutions in Houston.

Nexlar stands as a beacon of security, offering unparalleled Commercial Security Cameras, Access Control, Security Systems and Automatic Gates Systems. Recognizing Houston’s dynamic business environment and its unique security challenges, Nexlar is dedicated to delivering security solutions that can help you business grow by minimizing liability, protecting your assets and keeping track of your productivity. We design solutions to sustain your success.

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Nexlar’s Commitment: Why Houston Business and Government Chooses our solution

Opting for Nexlar in Houston means choosing a security partner that’s deeply attuned to your business unique challenges. We have partnered with leading security system manufactures to ensure we are able to deliver the best solution to fit your specific business needs. We are customer and solution centric. Our goal is to provide a security solution to help your success. We learn about your business and challenges to deliver a custom security solution for your business success.
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Get the latest security technology with unparalleled service

Nexlar offers a broad spectrum of security services and integration, thoughtfully designed to navigate the unique challenges of Houston’s commercial sector. From high-definition surveillance systems to advanced access control solutions, our services are about empowering Houston businesses to operate securely and confidently from the palm of your hand. All our solutions today allows you to have full control and view of your business remotely. Our cloud security cameras and access control gives the ability to view real-time you property and who had entered and exit your building.

Houston Proactive Security Cameras Solution and Installation

Our focus is your business and our commercial security cameras solutions are designed to be proactive. We don’t focus on installing security cameras just for surveillance or to view images after the crime occurred. We design and install security cameras solutions to automate process and simplify your life. Our Security cameras installers and solution are proactive. Our cameras can notify you when someone enter a restricted area or when someone removes an object.

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Parking Lot Security Cameras

Custom-designed for Houston's expansive urban landscape, our parking lot cameras provide high-definition surveillance, ensuring the safety of your vehicles and property in high-traffic and high-risk areas.

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Cloud Based Security Cameras

Embrace the power of remote monitoring with Nexlar’s cloud-based security cameras, ensuring that you maintain control over your Houston business no matter where you are.

Video-Management-Software-150x150 Houston Security Systems

Video Management Software

Our video management software acts as your operational command center, offering intuitive interfaces and powerful analytics to effectively navigate Houston’s complex security landscape.

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Video Monitoring Services

Our video monitoring services offer continuous surveillance, ensuring swift and proactive responses to any security incidents, a critical service in a city where both violent and property crimes are concerns.

Intrusion-Detection-Cameras-150x150 Houston Security Systems

Intrusion Detection Cameras

Fortify your Houston business against unauthorized entry with our advanced intrusion detection cameras, featuring the latest in motion sensors and instant alert systems for unparalleled

Video-Analytics-Security-Cameras-150x150 Houston Security Systems

Video Analytics Cameras

Harness the power of analytics with our video analytics cameras, providing valuable insights that can enhance customer service, operational efficiency, and your overall
security strategy.

Access Control and Automatic Gates System in Houston

Nexlar’s access control systems offer Houston businesses a fortified yet seamless approach to managing entry, safeguarding sensitive areas, and protecting assets. Know when, where and how some entered your facility. Keep accurate time of when an employee or visitor accessed a door, gate or elevator.

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Commercial Wireless Lock Systems

Introduce futuristic security solutions to your Houston business with our biometric entry systems, utilizing advanced technologies to ensure secure and convenient access.

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Parking Gate Solutions

Tailored for Houston's diverse business landscape, our security and parking gate solutions strike a perfect balance between accessibility and protection.

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Cloud Access Control

Experience the ease of our hosted and managed access control services, ensuring your Houston business’s security infrastructure remains flawless, updated, and perfectly in tune with your operational needs.

commercial-automatic-gates-solutions-experts Houston Security Systems

Automatic Gate Systems

Embrace the seamless blend of convenience and security with our automatic gate systems, offering straightforward, efficient property access management.

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License Plate Recognition Systems

Optimize your parking security with our license plate recognition technology, a smart solution for effectively managing vehicle access and maintaining a secure perimeter in Houston.

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Intercom Systems

Strengthen your business’s frontline with our intercom systems, facilitating secure, clear communication, and robust entry management.

Specialized Commercial Security Solutions and Installation Services

Nexlar’s specialized security systems are thoughtfully designed to address the specific challenges faced by businesses in Houston, ensuring a robust, adaptable, and future-ready security infrastructure.

virtual-guard-solutions Houston Security Systems

Virtual Guard Services

Our virtual guard services provide a proactive digital shield, offering constant surveillance and security measures, essential for comprehensive protection in a city as dynamic as Houston.

network-cabling-wiring-services-qhlgistz6u34h3ptfb087ztxp0lqdu06p574u5ydss Houston Security Systems

Network & Wireless Services

Ensure seamless operation and secure connectivity with our network and wireless services, crucial for any modern business navigating the digital landscape of Houston.

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Commercial Alarm Systems

Deploy our commercial alarm systems to safeguard your assets against threats, ensuring that your business stands as a beacon of safety and security in Houston..

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Video Alarm Monitoring

Protect your Business sites with our innovative security cameras technology, ensuring the safety of your equipment and personnel amidst Houston’s evolving skyline.

cabling-solutions-services Houston Security Systems

Data Cabling

Our data cabling services ensure seamless integration and communication between your security systems and network infrastructure, laying a secure foundation for your operations in Houston.

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Gate Automatic Systems

Protect your business with a gate automatic gate system. Our gate entry solution is integrated with license plate cameras and toll tag solutions.

Houston Security Solutions

Houston Leading Commercial Security System Installation Company – Why Nexlar Security?

Nexlar is a leading commercial security system installation company in Houston, Texas. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Nexlar has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative security solutions.  We are experts in low voltage technology integration and specialize in access control, commercial alarm systems, gate systems, security cameras, and gate entry systems. Nexlar provides tailored solutions and comprehensive support services to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. With their skilled technicians and unwavering commitment to quality, Nexlar has earned a well-deserved reputation as the top choice for commercial security system installations in Houston. Call us today at (281) 407-0768

What Clients Say About Us

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Jerry Adams
Ok Rod Lima set me up on the sales and got me going in the right direction with our needs . Steve and his installers were dispatched and handled the job with no problems . Steve is allays spot on with service and remotes in to assist me as needed . Thank to the Nexlar team for their service to our facility.
ACg8ocKT3Ymv9cRjJXZtRFyCbanIwiFm7XuFbxHm9SgYrqpS=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Houston Security Systems
Dana Wood
Simply the Best to Work with, so responsive Special Thanks To Bonnie!
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Nicole Townsend
Steve has been a life saver for our community more than once! Gone above and beyond even fixed problems for us that weren’t related to his system! Any time we call with an issue their team is super quick to pin point the problem and get us back up and running!
ACg8ocL1qJFOqTbdviAQTzGyMR0yEW6k5uJYMvYvWKUQcYAI=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Houston Security Systems
Great service and value!
ACg8ocKjFryoV5JThN4wAs-QJ8GhDapskNZqwVCy73itVw1d=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Houston Security Systems
Alfonso Piña
Great communication to resolve question and excellent prices
ACg8ocJMyeqBmc4SjlGJu0pbIr86QxWsJ08kAybYWjRAYn5m=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Houston Security Systems
Farrah Vaughner
Frank and Pedro had great customer service. They were amazing and super professional. They never gave up. We had issue after issue and they never quit. We are all up and running now. Thanks so much!!!
ACg8ocKDE5YqxOuyIT3rrmyMmz21JBoRwG5zsMbF1xbieK9r=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Houston Security Systems
Ontario tc
Ordering and customer service was excellent. Bonnie was extremely pleasant and very helpful. I would order from this company again and recommend it to others.
ACg8ocI2fx5JQpoYNvHY6qTkXpzSYh7gQAU2iCaV00XjSNpj=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Houston Security Systems
tcplee md
Ordered dvr’s and needed them quickly, Bonnie went out of her way to get them to me very quickly, she was quick to return emails, and what we received was exactly what we needed. Thank you Bonnie!


Security Triumphs in Houston: Nexlar’s Impact

Discover the transformative impact of Nexlar’s security solutions on Houston businesses through our case studies, showcasing our commitment to creating a safer and more secure community.

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Industries We Serve

Houston’s Industries: Secured and Empowered by Nexlar

Nexlar proudly serves a spectrum of industries in Houston, each with its unique security needs. From educational institutions to government facilities, retail spaces, healthcare establishments, homeowners’ associations, and apartment complexes, our security solutions are tailored to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Partnering with the Best to Bring You the Best

Our collaboration with top manufacturers ensures you receive nothing short of the best in access control consultation and solutions.

Partner with Nexlar for unmatched security solutions in Houston

In Houston, a city known for its energy and diversity, Nexlar stands as a trusted partner in security. Embrace the assurance of comprehensive protection and operational excellence with Nexlar. Contact us today to discover how our advanced solutions can protect your business, assets, and peace of mind in the dynamic landscape of Houston.

Our Mission

At Nexlar, we specialize in advancing commercial enterprises with cutting-edge technology solutions. Our commitment is to understand unique business needs, delivering value-added services that minimize costs and enhance security. Guided by excellence and innovation, we position businesses for unparalleled success in an evolving marketplace