Security Systems for Houston Businesses: Cameras, Access Control, & More

Customizable solutions for intrusion detection, video surveillance, access management, and more.

Houston Commercial Security Solutions for your business?

Houston Commercial Security Services

Enhance Your Business Security with Nexlar’s Comprehensive Solutions in Houston.

With a focus on commercial security, access control, and cutting-edge security camera technology, Nexlar Security offers innovative, scalable, and integrated solutions that meets Houston businesses’ specific needs. Trusted by over 1,000 clients, including government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, we have a proven track record of delivering excellence in safety and security. Our experienced consultants are committed to helping you address your toughest security challenges by leveraging the latest technology and expertise. Partner with Nexlar Security for reliable, effective, and tailored security solutions that protect your assets and ensure peace of mind for your business.

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Nexlar: Setting the Standard for Security in Houston

Choose Nexlar for your business security needs in Houston. With our comprehensive solutions, expert team, and personalized approach, we provide reliable protection tailored to your unique requirements. Count on our trusted expertise, exceptional customer service, and future-proof solutions to safeguard your assets and ensure peace of mind. Partner with Nexlar and experience the difference in top-tier security services.

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Integrated Commercial Security Services for Houston Business

At Nexlar Security, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your surveillance and access control needs. From installation of traditional card reader systems to cutting-edge biometric entry solutions, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions that prioritize your security and convenience. Our expertise extends to hosted and managed access control solutions, security and parking gate installations, mobile access control solutions, surveillance systems, and seamless integration with commercial security systems. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, you can trust Nexlar Security to provide the highest quality service and support for all your access control requirements.

Houston Proactive Security Cameras Solution and Installation

Enhance the security of your Houston property with Nexlar Security’s top-of-the-line security camera installation services. Our expert team specializes in designing and installing comprehensive surveillance systems tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require traditional CCTV cameras, advanced video monitoring solutions, or integration with existing security infrastructure, we’ve got you covered. Our expert technicians seamlessly install cloud-based cameras, customized to your needs. Monitor live feeds, receive instant alerts, and leverage advanced features like facial recognition and heat mapping. Reduce insurance costs, improve employee morale, and gain data-driven insights for optimal growth

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Parking Lot Security Cameras

Our Parking Lot Security Cameras provide comprehensive coverage, deterring theft, vandalism, and other illicit activities. With high-resolution cameras and intelligent monitoring capabilities. You can have peace of mind knowing that your parking lot is under constant surveillance, helping to protect your customers, employees, and assets.

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Cloud Based Security Cameras

Safeguard your business, your assets, and your bottom line with our advanced cloud-based security cameras. Deter theft, prevent vandalism, and gain valuable insights into customer activity with features like facial recognition, perimeter alerts, and heat mapping. Enjoy remote access, live monitoring, and secure cloud storage, ensuring your business is always protected, even when you're not there.

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Video Management Software

Our video management software provide centralized management of your video feeds, allowing you to easily view, record, and analyze footage from multiple cameras. With features such as motion detection, event tagging, and remote access, our video management software empowers you to effectively monitor your property and respond swiftly to security incidents.

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Video Monitoring Services

Our dedicated team of security professionals provides 24/7 monitoring of your surveillance feeds, alerting you to any suspicious activity or security breaches. With our proactive approach to security monitoring, you can rest assured knowing that your property is in safe hands, even when you're not there to watch over it yourself.

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Intrusion Detection Cameras

Our advanced cameras are equipped with motion sensors and intelligent analytics algorithms, allowing them to detect and respond to suspicious activity in real-time. With instant alerts and notifications, you can take swift action to prevent security breaches and protect your property from unauthorized access..

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Video Analytics Cameras

Our cutting-edge cameras are equipped with advanced analytics capabilities, allowing them to analyze video footage and identify trends, patterns, and anomalies. From crowd monitoring to facial recognition, our video analytics cameras provide valuable insights that can help you improve security, optimize operations, and enhance overall efficiency.

Access Control and Automatic Gates System in Houston

We specialize in designing and implementing customized access control solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business in Houston, TX. Whether you require traditional card reader systems, cutting-edge biometric entry solutions, or mobile access control solutions, we have the expertise and experience to ensure your property remains secure. With Nexlar Security, you can trust that your access control needs are in capable hands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your Houston property with our professional access control services.

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Commercial Wireless Lock Systems

Our commercial wireless lock system represents a paradigm shift in access control technology for businesses. By leveraging wireless communication and advanced encryption, these systems offer heightened security and convenience compared to traditional key-based methods. With seamless integration, remote management capabilities, and the elimination of physical keys, businesses can enhance security while streamlining access control processes..

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Parking Gate Solutions

Streamline access management for parking facilities, combining robust security features with user-friendly functionality. These systems employ automated gates controlled by access cards, key fobs, or smartphones, providing efficient entry and exit for vehicles. With features like license plate recognition and ticketless parking, parking gate solutions optimize traffic flow and enhance overall security by preventing unauthorized access.

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Cloud Access Control

Our Cloud access control systems revolutionize traditional access management by leveraging cloud technology to provide remote access control and monitoring capabilities. These systems offer centralized management of access permissions across multiple locations, allowing administrators to grant or revoke access privileges remotely. With real-time access logs and notifications, cloud access control systems enhance security by providing insights into access activities and enabling proactive responses to security threats. .

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Automatic Gate Systems

Our automated solutions offer seamless and efficient access control for vehicles, enhancing security while providing convenience for residents and visitors. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable access control solutions tailored to your property's needs.

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License Plate Recognition Systems

Ditch manual data entry and security concerns. Automatically capture and track license plates, ensuring efficient, secure access control. Reduce unauthorized access risks, optimize parking management, and gain valuable vehicle insights..

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Intercom Systems

Boost security and convenience with two-way communication. Verify visitors before granting entry, enhancing control and safety. Choose from advanced features like remote access and video integration, creating a customized communication hub that empowers your business.

Specialized Commercial Security Solutions and Installation Services

Nexlar’s specialized security systems are thoughtfully designed to address the specific challenges faced by businesses in Houston, ensuring a robust, adaptable, and future-ready security infrastructure.

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Virtual Guard Services

Our virtual guard services utilize advanced surveillance technology and trained professionals to remotely monitor your property 24/7. With strategically placed cameras and motion sensors, our virtual guards detect any suspicious activity and respond promptly, notifying authorities if necessary. Businesses benefit from continuous protection, reduced security costs, and enhanced deterrence against criminal activity.

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Network & Wireless Services

Nexlar Security's network and wireless services provide businesses with reliable connectivity for their security systems. Our expert technicians design and implement robust network infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication between security devices such as cameras, sensors, and access control systems.

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Commercial Alarm Systems

Deploy our commercial alarm systems which utilize state-of-the-art sensors, motion detectors, and sirens to detect and deter security breaches. With 24/7 monitoring and instant alerts, businesses can respond quickly to potential threats, minimizing loss and damage.

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Video Alarm Monitoring

Video alarm monitoring merges surveillance technology with alarm systems, allowing real-time monitoring by trained personnel. Cameras capture footage of designated areas, triggering alerts for suspicious activities. Operators swiftly assess situations and initiate responses, providing users with remote access for peace of mind and prompt action during emergencies.

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Data Cabling

Data cabling is the backbone of modern IT infrastructure, facilitating reliable data transmission within organizations. Structured cabling solutions, including copper and fiber optic cables, ensure high-speed connectivity for local and wide area networks, as well as data centers. Professionally installed systems adhere to industry standards, ensuring scalability, reliability, and future-proofing for evolving business needs.

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Gate Automatic Systems

Automatic gate systems provide secure and convenient access control for various properties. Automated gates, operated remotely via key fobs or smartphone apps, enhance safety and privacy while managing traffic flow. Equipped with sensors, these systems detect approaching vehicles or individuals, ensuring smooth operations and preventing unauthorized access. Customizable options cater to both security needs and aesthetic preferences, offering functionality and curb appeal.

Houston Security Solutions

Houston Leading Commercial Security System Installation Company – Why Nexlar Security?

Nexlar is a leading commercial security system installation company in Houston, Texas. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Nexlar has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative security solutions.  We are experts in low voltage technology integration and specialize in access control, commercial alarm systems, gate systems, security cameras, and gate entry systems. Nexlar provides tailored solutions and comprehensive support services to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. With their skilled technicians and unwavering commitment to quality, Nexlar has earned a well-deserved reputation as the top choice for commercial security system installations in Houston. Call us today at (281) 407-0768

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Jerry Adams
Ok Rod Lima set me up on the sales and got me going in the right direction with our needs . Steve and his installers were dispatched and handled the job with no problems . Steve is allays spot on with service and remotes in to assist me as needed . Thank to the Nexlar team for their service to our facility.
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Dana Wood
Simply the Best to Work with, so responsive Special Thanks To Bonnie!
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Nicole Townsend
Steve has been a life saver for our community more than once! Gone above and beyond even fixed problems for us that weren’t related to his system! Any time we call with an issue their team is super quick to pin point the problem and get us back up and running!
ACg8ocL1qJFOqTbdviAQTzGyMR0yEW6k5uJYMvYvWKUQcYAI=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Houston Security Systems
Great service and value!
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Alfonso Piña
Great communication to resolve question and excellent prices
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Farrah Vaughner
Frank and Pedro had great customer service. They were amazing and super professional. They never gave up. We had issue after issue and they never quit. We are all up and running now. Thanks so much!!!
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Ontario tc
Ordering and customer service was excellent. Bonnie was extremely pleasant and very helpful. I would order from this company again and recommend it to others.
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tcplee md
Ordered dvr’s and needed them quickly, Bonnie went out of her way to get them to me very quickly, she was quick to return emails, and what we received was exactly what we needed. Thank you Bonnie!


Security Triumphs in Houston: Nexlar’s Impact

Discover the transformative impact of Nexlar’s security solutions on Houston businesses through our case studies, showcasing our commitment to creating a safer and more secure community.

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Houston’s Industries: Secured and Empowered by Nexlar

Nexlar proudly serves a spectrum of industries in Houston, each with its unique security needs. From educational institutions to government facilities, retail spaces, healthcare establishments, homeowners’ associations, and apartment complexes, our security solutions are tailored to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

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Our collaboration with top manufacturers ensures you receive nothing short of the best in access control consultation and solutions.

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In Houston, a city known for its energy and diversity, Nexlar stands as a trusted partner in security. Embrace the assurance of comprehensive protection and operational excellence with Nexlar. Contact us today to discover how our advanced solutions can protect your business, assets, and peace of mind in the dynamic landscape of Houston.

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At Nexlar, we specialize in advancing commercial enterprises with cutting-edge technology solutions. Our commitment is to understand unique business needs, delivering value-added services that minimize costs and enhance security. Guided by excellence and innovation, we position businesses for unparalleled success in an evolving marketplace