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HOA Gate Systems

One of the best facilities available to planned communities is the gate access control system. They keep your residents safe and increase privacy by shutting out unwanted visitors. But what happens when the system responsible for gate openings in the community is unreliable?

The answer is simple! Opening and closing the gate becomes difficult. You pay a lot in repairs, and the community’s property management becomes unreliable. As a property manager for an HOA community, you can solve this problem before it begins by choosing the best gate operator from the get-go. At Nexlar, we aim to provide planned communities with the best affordable HOA gate systems with an efficient security service.

Why does your HOA community need gate access control systems?

Gates have withstood the test of time as the number one preventive measure against theft and other undesirable crimes. In some places, burglars have direct access to houses and can enter any home whenever they feel like it. Consequently, there has been a steep increase in home robberies, especially since criminals can now monitor the activities of the people they want to rob on social media.
Another concerning factor is that even though the rate of home robberies has increased, only 12.9% of reported burglaries are ever solved. In areas with high property values, burglaries can be very problematic. You can stop burglaries even before they happen by denying these criminals entry into the community by using a gate.
As effective as gates are for reducing and stopping burglaries, they’re only half as good without secured access solutions. Criminals are adept at identifying unsecured gates, and they know ways to quickly get through those gates. 

To promote peace.

Some communities usually share their facilities with people who live next to them. For example, high-end areas typically have problems with residents who live around them jogging on their streets, visiting their pools, or fishing in their ponds. Since these nonresidents don’t pay HOA dues and have not been approved by the community, their presence can be annoying. Furthermore, these people having unfettered access to the community can increase foot traffic, which will negatively impact the feeling of privacy that many residents have.
Gates can draw a line between public and private property. Since many non-residents who enter the area don’t do so with criminal intentions, installing a gate should curb issues of trespass without any need for confrontation. Consequently, the feelings of peace and privacy within the community will be enhanced with the HOA gate systems.

To increase property value.

Adequate consideration is usually not given to financial benefits when communities decide to install a gate. The truth is that gates can significantly increase the value of properties in the area.
According to a study carried by the American Real Estate Society, it was discovered that gates increase the value of a property by an average of $30,000. As a result, communities can gain significant interest by getting a gate access control system.
Additionally, property investors will be able to take advantage of gates and sell their homes faster since buyers place more value on security. Of course, communities need to decide what gate system suits them. For instance, access solutions that require security guards can significantly reduce the return on investment in gated communities where the number of residents is usually few and cost has to be divided. To save money, communities should invest in automated gate systems.

To have more control over community aesthetics.

hoa-community-vehicle-access-control-gate HOA Gate Systems

 Some communities find it challenging to stop unauthorized construction projects that often impact the beauty and serenity of the community negatively. These projects also create bothersome noise, lead to accumulated trash and warrant the presence of heavy equipment on property. Unfortunately, the only viable recourse for most communities is to file a lawsuit and take legal action. But with a gate for access control, you can stop any unauthorized construction by preventing service vehicles bringing in the equipment from entering the community from the get-go.

To deal with the residents’ privacy concerns.

Installing a gate may be concerning for some residents who don’t want to be monitored 24/7. However, to boost security, a trade-off is necessary. That’s why community managers should pay particular attention to the privacy policies of the gate access control system providers they’re using. Data and information sent by gate access solution providers should be encrypted, and access should be limited to only a small number of people to prevent hacking and data breaches.
When security is guaranteed by the gate access solution providers, many of the residents’ privacy concerns can be easily managed. If some residents continue to be concerned, the argument of improved security above any minor concern for privacy can easily be made. After all, tracking people is not a new concept in the world today. Your phone is a potential GPS that can be used to pinpoint your location when it’s necessary. Even street corners, intersections, and convenience stores have cameras to track your activities and prevent criminal activities. So, minor concerns should not be allowed to stand in the way of modernization, improving security, and saving money.

Types of HOA gate access control systems

To improve the security of your community, it is essential to know the types of HOA gate systems that are available on the market

Pedestrian access control gates

If your community receives foot traffic and you want to have complete control over who enters using this method, a pedestrian access control gate is a suitable choice for you. These gates can be automated or not, but the automated version is more cost-effective and easy to maintain. It’s also more secure, depending on the solution you get. Nexlar through ALFRED360 provides
a solution where you can check credential cards and have security cameras cover your pedestrian entrance.
When an unauthorized person is trying to break in, it can be easily checked through the security cameras and adequately handled.

Driveway gate access control 

This is for areas that receive vehicle traffic. If gated driveways are not monitored, criminal activities are likely to increase. With a system that can identify authorized vehicles through a license reader and smartphone authorization process, your community will be as secure as it can be.

What you should look for when picking the best HOA gate systems

There are many options for gate access control systems out there. The possibilities are numerous, and the prices vary. That’s why you need to determine what your community needs and how much it can afford before you set out to pick a gate access control system. Other things you should pay attention to are:

Live video surveillance

video-surveillance-system HOA Gate Systems

To enhance security, your HOA gate system should be able to show live videos to both the security guard and residents. The community members will be able to verify their visitors quickly, and it’s easier to keep out suspicious people.

Gate access technology

By investing in an HOA gate system, you’re counting on the technology to increase security, enhance convenience and effectively monitor the community. However, some access solutions are likely to introduce security problems. For example, license plate readers can’t stop organized crime with manufactured license plates, and 4-digit pin pads or critical card systems can be easily disabled. Instead, planned communities should use smartphone-based solutions with unique digital keys for individual residents. The telephone entry system is designed to prevent the use of forged keys and the problem with legacy residents. Visitor will also be able to gain access to the gated community even if they’re not in their vehicles.

Type of gate

Before you invest in a gate, you should figure out how the residents plan to pass through the gate (whether by walking or with a car). The heights and widths of the vehicle that’ll be passing through should also be an essential consideration. For instance, cantilever sliding gates can open as wide as necessary but wider gates may take longer to open.

Where can you get these features and more?

At Nexlar, we provide security solutions for people, companies, and HOA communities. You can get all the features necessary to make your homeowner association safe in our new and improved HOA gate system, ALFRED360. Some of the features include:

Advanced security system and intrusion detection

With ALFRED360, you can protect the restricted part of your community like your pool or clubhouse. Our systems are fast, flexible, and thorough. As soon as there’s an intrusion, you’ll be informed as quickly as possible, and you’ll be able to give more security to your residents.

Security system integration

At Nexlar, our solutions are diverse. We can offer you the security your HOA needs, help you increase your ROI, and also minimize on how much you spend on security guards. We offer valuable and highly productive monitoring services to ensure that your security needs are met.

Telephone entry and face recognition access

We’ve already mentioned that the telephone entry system is the most advanced security measure for gate access systems. Residents and guests can quickly enter with their unique digital keys. The face recognition system is for pedestrians walking into the community or pool users. Gaining entry is more
accessible, but the jacked-up security will provide more protection.
Other features of the ALFRED360 HOA gate access system are:
1. HD Auto Tracking PTZ
2. Barrier Arm Gate
3. Security Cameras for strategic points

ALFRED360 is the best HOA solution to take care of your security worries. Feel free to call us at 281-407-0768 to learn more about how to improve your gated community.


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