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Door Access Control Installation

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At Nexlar, we recognize that security is a top priority for your business. That’s why we offer our state-of-the-art door entry systems, designed to maximize safety and efficiency, so you can protect what matters most. Our door entry systems seamlessly integrate with our existing access control solutions, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end security experience. Together, they create a powerful and adaptable platform for managing access to your premises. With over decade of experience in the security industry, we’ve built a reputation for exceptional service and innovative solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest level of security possible.
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Door Access Control System Installation Company

Seamless Integration With Access Control Solution.

At Nexlar, we provide seamless integration with our advanced access control solutions. Our experienced technicians will assess your property to ensure compatibility between your existing doors and our door entry systems. We offer recommendations for any necessary modifications, ensuring an efficient installation process.

Our knowledgeable team will guide you through various door entry system options, including key cards, key fobs, biometric systems, and pin pads. We help you choose a system that aligns with your desired access control levels and lock types.

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Assess Your Requirements

We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and budget constraints. Our door entry systems, such as key fob, access card, and keypad entry systems, are tailored to meet different requirements, ensuring you get the best solution for your business.

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Plan for the Future

At Nexlar, we believe in future-proofing your security solutions. We help you consider potential future needs, such as additional access levels, visual recognition capabilities, remote access control functionality, and integration with other security systems, ensuring your system grows with your needs.

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Installation & Maintenance

Our certified professionals handle the installation and maintenance of your chosen door entry system, ensuring it functions optimally and remains reliable over time. We’re committed to providing ongoing support, answering any questions you may have, and addressing any concerns that arise.


Our Commercial Door Entry System Services Include:

Keyless Entry Systems

Upgrade to modern keyless entry systems that utilize access cards, fobs, or mobile credentials. These systems eliminate the need for physical keys and provide detailed logs of entry and exit times, enhancing security and convenience.

Biometric Access Control

Ensure high security with biometric access control systems that use fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris scanning. These systems are ideal for sensitive areas requiring restricted access, offering an additional layer of security.

Commercial Intercom Systems

Enhance communication and security with our advanced intercom systems. These systems allow you to verify the identity of visitors before granting access, providing an additional layer of protection for your business.

Remote Access Management

Manage and monitor your door entry systems remotely with our cloud-based solutions. This feature is perfect for businesses with multiple locations, allowing centralized control and real-time updates, ensuring your premises are secure at all times.

Integration with Surveillance Systems

Our door entry systems seamlessly integrate with your existing surveillance cameras and alarm systems. This integration provides a comprehensive security solution, ensuring synchronized operation and enhanced monitoring capabilities.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Our certified technicians ensure a smooth and professional installation process. We also offer regular maintenance and upgrades to keep your door entry systems functioning optimally and to address any emerging security needs.


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At Nexlar Security, we work with businesses of all sizes to provide top-notch security solutions that are tailored to their unique needs, no matter if you run a small storefront or manage a large office building.

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Secure your business with Nexlar’s advanced door entry systems. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Our experts are ready to design a system that fits your security needs and budget.

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Partnering with the Best to Bring You the Best

Our collaboration with top manufacturers ensures you receive nothing short of the best in access control consultation and solutions.

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Jerry Adams
Ok Rod Lima set me up on the sales and got me going in the right direction with our needs . Steve and his installers were dispatched and handled the job with no problems . Steve is allays spot on with service and remotes in to assist me as needed . Thank to the Nexlar team for their service to our facility.
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Dana Wood
Simply the Best to Work with, so responsive Special Thanks To Bonnie!
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Nicole Townsend
Steve has been a life saver for our community more than once! Gone above and beyond even fixed problems for us that weren’t related to his system! Any time we call with an issue their team is super quick to pin point the problem and get us back up and running!
ACg8ocL1qJFOqTbdviAQTzGyMR0yEW6k5uJYMvYvWKUQcYAI=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Commercial Door Entry System
Great service and value!
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Alfonso Piña
Great communication to resolve question and excellent prices
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Farrah Vaughner
Frank and Pedro had great customer service. They were amazing and super professional. They never gave up. We had issue after issue and they never quit. We are all up and running now. Thanks so much!!!
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Ontario tc
Ordering and customer service was excellent. Bonnie was extremely pleasant and very helpful. I would order from this company again and recommend it to others.
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tcplee md
Ordered dvr’s and needed them quickly, Bonnie went out of her way to get them to me very quickly, she was quick to return emails, and what we received was exactly what we needed. Thank you Bonnie!

Commercial Door Entry System Installation FAQS

Nexlar’s door entry systems offer varying levels of security based on the technology used. Keypad systems provide more security than traditional keys but can be vulnerable if codes are shared. Key fob and access card systems are more secure due to unique identifiers that are hard to duplicate. Our biometric systems offer the highest level of security, relying on unique biological characteristics that are nearly impossible to replicate.

The cost varies depending on technology, features, and the number of access points required. It’s essential to consider both initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs. Nexlar can provide a detailed quote based on your specific needs and requirements.

Maintenance depends on the system used:

  • Keypad Systems: Periodic code updates to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Key Fob Systems: Occasional battery replacements.
  • Access Card Systems: Reprogramming or replacing lost/damaged cards.
  • Biometric Systems: Software updates and occasional recalibration. Regular maintenance by Nexlar ensures optimal performance and security.

Nexlar’s team helps you choose the best system through a streamlined process:

  • Consultation: Discuss security concerns, budget, and requirements.
  • On-site Assessment: Evaluate property layout and existing security.
  • Customized Recommendations: Present options with pros and cons.
  • Integration: Ensure seamless integration with current security systems.
  • Detailed Proposal: Provide transparent cost and installation details.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous support for any future needs.