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Building Access control system

Phases of Building Access Control System Houston

Five Phases of Building Access Control Systems in Houston Building access control system Houston, TX, is becoming popular in the modern era. Access control is the restriction of access to a particular building, premises, room, or resource. To gain access to a restricted building, an individual needs to have the authorization to gain entrance to […]
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Virtual Guard

Virtual Security Guard Services for Your Business

Virtual Security Guard Services for Your Business  Nowadays, companies have turned to Virtual Security Guard services to help minimize physical security guards’ costs. Because it’s highly effective for their business’s security, meeting all of their needs and at the same time cutting down the cost of the human guard. Want to take extra care of […]
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employee theft

Employee theft prevention guide

Employee Theft Prevention Guide – Statics NEXLAR SECURITY’S GUIDE TO EMPLOYEE THEFT PREVENTION Published By: Nexlar, LLC. All rights reserved. 2015 To contact the publisher, please email [email protected] The suggestions in this ebook are simply that. They are suggestions for how to create a theft policy and procedure guideline to give to your employees. It also […]
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Nexlar Security Video Verification Alarm

HOA perimeter Security – Best Advice

Houston Industrial Security Cameras Design, Installation and Service Call 281-407-0768 for a free Consultation HOA perimeter Security – Best Advice Most homeowner associations only start to plan the best security practices after a crime has taken place. Having the right security system for you HOA is the best way to ensure the community’s safety and […]
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