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Introduction To The Best HOA Access Control System

Controlling who has access to office buildings, parking lots, and entry gates is pivotal for any community. Investing in the right HOA access control system is a great way to improve your resident’s living experience.

Homeowners’ associations have to put in many protective measures to ensure their residents enjoy quality service. These responsibilities include maintaining the building residents’ amenities and providing security. Unfortunately, many homeowners install simple gate access control at their community or house entrance and claim to have provided security for their residents. But this doesn’t fully satisfy the security needs of residents.
Instead, these homeowners need better-gated security, and Alfred 360 is designed to be the solution you’ve been searching for. We understand the importance of a gate, so we have developed a system that is both secure and accessible to authorized users.

At Alfred 360, we provide a wide variety of intelligent gates whose arms open and close in about two seconds, equipped with sensors to prevent and monitor accidents and trap gates to avoid tailgating.

If you’re in the market for HOA gate systems, you’re at the right place. Our gates are made with aluminum arms that can be coated to suit the client’s requests and guarantee maximum visibility.

These systems are also installed in a construction site where you hardly have anyone at night. Alfred 360 comes equipped with video surveillance technology that recognizes license plates and tags windscreens to grant vehicles access. Residents can also use key cards with this system, so users have multiple verification systems for convenience.
In this article, we will be showing why the Alfred 360 is no average HOA gate system. Finally, you will be able to gain complete control of your property entries and exits.

What is an HOA Gate Control Access System

An HOA gate access control system secures those who have access to a gated property at any time. Installing this system means you control who has permission to enter your building using your phone or PC. Safeguarding your building or community with convenient access is now possible. The Alfred 360 HOA gate system dramatically improves the living experience of your residents while making it easier to manage the property. With a gated access control system, your residents are safe, and only authorized visitors are allowed easy access. Your gates remain locked to outsiders while authorized users can enter and exit seamlessly.
Alfred 360 is an HOA gate system that can contribute to a heightened lifestyle. Once installed, you will have several options on how to control the gate access for your residents/ visitors so that it is safe and straightforward.

Why Should You Go for The Alfred 360 Gate Security System?

Our surveillance system

Alfred 360 integrates highdefinition surveillance systems into communities. Every gate system comes with a camera that records vehicles entering and leaving the building. The videos captured by the system are then backed up in the cloud. This also allows users to view their feeds in real-time or watch saved feeds.

License Plate Capture

This is another great surveillance feature that allows you to access your building just by driving to the gate. Our system uses sophisticated software to cross-reference plates that enters its feed, and it scans the plate with its searchable database. A surveillance system like this allows security personnel and decision-makers to watch who entered a building and the time they left for investigative purposes.

Little to no human resources are needed

gate-access-control-system-alfred360 HOA Access Control

Some homeowners are concerned with the human resources or expertise required to manage and properly implement a gated security system. Fortunately, Alfred 360 will help program and manage your entire security system, so you don’t have such concerns. Our customer care team is also on standby 24/7 to provide assistance and care to all our customers.
Thanks to our proprietary notification system, and mobile app, you can monitor your entry systems receive alerts immediately if there is an issue with the gate. Using our app, you can also remotely open your gate and grant temporary or scheduled access if residents or visitors find themselves locked out.
Our HOA access control alert system will also notify you if your gate has been hit and provide a screenshot of the striking vehicle and its license plate.

How to Manage Alfred 360 Access

Alfred 360 is a cost-effective cloud solution that gives property owners the best access control systems. Our security system eliminates the need to hire expensive security guards, and your visitors will not have to rely on difficult-to-use entry systems.
With license plate registration and windscreen tagging, the gate automatically opens when it recognizes a pre-approved license plate. The system then sends a notification to your phone, informing you that your visitor has arrived.
If the system doesn’t recognize the plate number, there are other verification methods like pin access. You can grant visitors and contractors temporary access to the property from your smartphone. The keypad entry system can be designed, so each resident has a unique access code. Our mobile app quickly notices their exclusive pin code and the time they are expected to enter the gate. When the visitor arrives, they can type in the code and will be granted access.
The third method is the Alfred 360 call button. This feature is specially designed for visitors that weren’t pre-approved. With this button, the visitor can dial the resident or office for access.
With 24/7 monitoring capabilities and real-time activity alerts, you’ll know when an unauthorized vehicle has entered the building. With the Alfred 360 user-friendly cloud report, you can easily track the activity at your entrance. Our system also alerts you when a blacklisted the vehicle is approaching the gate.

The Cost of Alfred 360 gate HOA access control

The cost of a gate access control system varies depending on the type. In most cases, the prices of hardware materials are fixed, and you will see their prices on our website. However, the cost of
installation can vary depending on the region. Here are some estimates of how much our hardware costs: Gate intercom: $1,000 to $6,5000 depending on the display size and style.
Telephone entry system: $500 to $8000 per gate
Key fob system: $1,500 to $2,5000 per gate.
License plate readers: $15,000 to $20,000
Keypads: $400 to $800 per door.

What to Know Before Buying HOA Gate System

We think it’s essential that you do some research before making up your mind about what hardware to buy. Our gated security systems are an asset when used wisely. So when choosing hardware, it is essential to consider how this investment will save you money.
Our security system is fully automatic, which means you wouldn’t need a guard to push buttons and raise the gate. Currently, are you paying for an HOA security guard? With a system like hours, you can reduce the amount you spend.
Before you pick a gate access control, review your budget. For communities, calculate how much money you have or expect to have in the coming months. Once you have a clear understanding of your financial situation, it becomes easier to pick the most suitable system. For example, if security is a priority in your building or community where residents can’t all have remotes or prefer not to type in passcodes, our Alfred 360 will be an excellent choice. With listener recognition video surveillance and windscreen tagging, the system opens the gate once it recognizes one of its registered users. So you don’t have to stop or get out of the vehicle to gain access.
A video access control system can enhance property security by enabling video calling between residents and visitors. With live video footage from the gate, residents can see every person requesting access. No one wants to carry fobs or remotes around today. They just become a burden after some time and, they break or get lost. So communities and homeowners can save time cost and make the lives of residents easier by installing a gate access control system with mobile credentials.
With a mobile gate access control system, you can see and hear what’s going on at the gate from your mobile device or laptop. You can even use an Apple Watch and voice command to control your gate. Our highly-rated mobile app protects all your personal data and gate security. Our cloud base system provides users remote access for themselves or their visitors. Being cloud-based also makes it easier to store footage and perform automatic backups

Visitor management on Alfred 360

Many gate access control options can only be used by residents or preregistered users. This, however, can become a problem for one-time visitors using their license plate of key fob system. We fixed this problem by installing an access control system specifically to address this issue. That way, visitors and delivery carriers can request access when they arrive.
Our system allows users to grant temporary access to visitors using virtual keys code. Within a specific time-frame, said code will give access to carriers or visitors.

Why You Need an Automatic Gate Access Control System

hoa-gated-security-access-control-systems HOA Access Control

One of the most enticing amenities available for townhome, condominium, and master-planned communities is an automatic gate. Living in a gated community provides an unrivaled degree of privacy and security. Residents look out for such amenities because they are usually accompanied by quiet streets and the luxury of never having to worry about unexpected visits.
Have you lived in a building with an unreliable gate opener? Getting delayed when you leave your building or enter can take its toll and become really frustrating. Residents shouldn’t be forced to go through such an ordeal. Or you have an automatic gat system, but it takes forever to scan your plate, or you have to get down and type a code each time you pass through. All of this just results in lousy living experiences. What you need is a reliable automatic gate operator, installed and managed by someone you can count on. Recent statistics from the U.S Census Bureau show that approximately 10.7 American homes are gated. More than half of them use integrated access control or telephone entry systems. The installation of these systems allows for a variety of access mechanisms such as key cards, key fobs, telephone entry, and a variety of other options. From a practical standpoint, it is easy to see why so many homeowners opt for an automated gated security system
When choosing the best automatic gate system for your community, it is essential to consider how your gate opens, the needs of your community, and the power source.

Power Source

With the use of advanced technologies in our systems, they can now be powered by standard electrical connections or can be paired with solar panels and batteries for independent wireless connections.
If you plan on using hard-wired gate openers, you’ll need to ensure that an electrical power source is available at the location of the gate. We recommend solar-powered connections as they save cost in the long run and they are renewable. They also come in handy in remote areas with limited options for electrical power. Modern solar panels are efficient, and when paired with an array of
rechargeable batteries, they can generate enough power for an automatic gate system. While considering the power options available, it is essential you ask questions and consult a professional installer to review your need for power redundancy and the frequency with which the gates will be utilized.


No doubt, Alfred 360 is an alternative gate access control system that utilizes a number of surveillance technologies and security systems to provide security for pedestrians and vehicles in a community. Our system includes intercom entry systems, smart codes, license plate scanning, and windscreen tagging for easy and convenient access. With these systems in place, community
guests or delivery vehicles can type smart codes or request access from specific residents.
Our access control gate system comes with several safety features to protect operators. Automatic gates are heavy, and they can injure pedestrians, pets or damage other obstacles. This is why we have a stop and reverse feature installed in our gated system. The infrared beam our system uses detects obstacles and then instructs the gate to stop moving.

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