hoa-community-gate-access-control Visitor Management

Your residents will be happier when you keep track of who comes and goes from your gated neighborhood.
When you run a gated community, visitor tracking has a lot of benefits for both the residents and the security. Alfrd360 cloud-based visitor management software is often used with a gated community’s entry gate. It does many things, but its main job is to automate visitor access. Simultaneously, it enables you to report on and track all visitors entering and exiting the community. Keep track of all the contractor’s hours by knowing when they have entered and left the gated community.
With license plate recognition, you can even go a step further and see who comes and goes from the neighborhood. You can track visitors, vehicles, and vendors coming and going. Running this will let you run reports like on-premise, cut-through, and time on site. There is numerous visitor management. Alfred360 offers the best solution for your gated community or apartment complex.
Visitor management can help you streamline the operation of your community and minimize your liability.

This article will go over why Alfred is the best system:

1) Easy to use.
2) Best visitor tracking for the community
3) Instant Alert and Notification when Guest Arrives
4) Deter Crime
5) Improve the value of the community

1. Ease of use and quick sign-ins

To register visitors, residents can use our website. No need to download an app or hard-to-use software. The system will automatically text or email your guests a pin code when your guest is authorized to enter. When your guest or contractor arrives at the entry gate for your community, you will receive a notification.

2. The best Visitor management tracking for Gated community
visitor-tracking-gated-community Visitor Management

Alfred360 was designed to save your community money. We offer the most inexpensive remotes and card readers compared to other systems. Our system comes with a lifetime warranty and service.

Alfred360, visitor management is all hands-free. No need for a kiosk. Alfred 360 handles all visitors with a license plate reader and callbox. Alfred360 automatically opens your registered visitor’s gate by recognizing the license plate. Get the latest system for visitor management. Get Alfred360. You can let some people in at any time, but you can only let others in on a set schedule. Even better, the tracking system can tell residents when, where, and how many people have been to their homes.

3. Instant alerts about what’s going on

alfred-alert-notification Visitor Management

If a property manager gets notifications about visitors coming and going right away, they can deal with problems. As soon as visitors check-in, the system sends a text message to the people who live there. These privileges can be changed right away to fit best the needs of the people who live there.

A detailed report from all people who entered your community is readily available online.

Alfred360 provides you with detailed reports on the cloud. Know about who has been coming into your property. In these reports, you can find out everything from the person’s name to when they came to your home, as well as their unique ID number. People who have been to your gated community can be seen in these reports. They show you how many people have been there

4. Crime is less likely to happen.

Gated communities are more secure, and when combined with the proper gate access system, you will increase the security of your HOA and apartment.
Utilizing the correct access control and visitor management system will save your community time and money. Having an easier control system will minimize your liability and streamline your process.

5. Increase community and property value

We all know the first impression is essential, and your entry gate is the showcase of your HOA community or apartment complex. Having a modern telephone entry system will enhance the value of your community and property. Impressing your visitor and improving the security of your community. Modernize your entry gate for your HOA or apartment complex with Alfred360 gate access control and telephone entry system. Call us and schedule a free onsite estimate for your apartment complex or gated community. Alfred360 is the best thing you can do. You can’t go wrong. Booking a demo with a Solutions Consultant today is the best way to learn more about how it works. Call us today at (281) 407-0768

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