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How to Select Best Gate Access Systems?

Are you confident that your HOA or Gated Community is safe?

Or, do you have any questions on selecting the best system for access control?

Gate Access System: An Overview

You need to consider a few things before implementing access control for your HOA or Gated community. For instance, you need to consider the different types of access control systems available on the market. Each model offers varying degrees of dependability and security. Some models might not suit your needs, while others might exceed your budget. Therefore, you need more information to make an informed decision. First off, there are three essential components to any gate access control system, namely.

  1. A gate opener
  2. An electrical or magnetic lock
  3. Credentials that renters use to access the premises

Further, some access control systems require people to request entry, including

  1. Access Gates for Disabled
  2. Cell gate access systems
  3. Keypads
  4. Gate intercom systems
  5. RFID access control systems
  6. Telephone entry systems
  7. Vehicle detection systems

Nevertheless, let us be mindful that not all systems are suitable for every location or meet proximity needs. You need an insightful approach before shopping for a perfect gate access system. Here is an overview of the different types of access control systems that you can consider:

Access Gates for Disabled

Pedestrian security gates combined with turnstiles provide permitted access to the handicapped and disabled and delivery carts and dollies. A lack of understanding can often lead to a lack of accessibility. You need to be aware of the needs of disabled people to make changes to your access control accordingly. This consideration is essential if you have differently-abled people visiting your location regularly.

Cell Phone Gate Access Systems

cell-phone-gates-access-systems Gate Access System Guide

Cell phone entry systems function on cellular networks. Hence, they eliminate the need for headphones. You can allow access to a visitor when they push the “call” button on the system. You will receive a beeper, allowing you to answer the call and, therefore, authorize admission.

This type of system is now even more convenient to use, thanks to smartphones. You can download an app on your device and view footage, as well as access the different features of the system. You can leave your property unattended without the risk of missing any visitors, as you will receive an alert every time someone requests entry. You can even use the app to open and shut the gates.

Cellular telephone entry systems use web-based portals. The system users issue unique codes to frequent visitors. The system also automates the open and shut schedules and records when people arrive and leave. The cloud-based technology allows you to chat with and observe a live video of guests at the gate, snap photographs on demand, and allow gate admission, all from the app in real-time.


access-control-keypads Gate Access System Guide

Keypads are perhaps the most convenient option for access control systems for gates. You can share a PIN or code with the visitors, which they can enter to gain access to your property. This process eliminates the need for interaction at the point of entry. The keypad can pose a liability for your HOA or gated community because everyone has the same code, and the code is rarely changed.

Gate Intercom Systems Installation

You can find a wide range of intercom systems on the market today, including wired and wireless models. Some models are suitable for commercial structures, and you can conveniently choose one according to your needs.

1. Wireless Intercoms

You may install a wireless intercom system when it is too difficult or costly to lay cable throughout the building. Modern wireless network providers employ low-frequency bands (under 3 GHz) to transmit audio and video signals

2. Wired Intercoms

If you want an access control system that connects to the internet, you must opt for a wired intercom system. Cost-effective building intercom systems need wiring in the area. For example, you will need a wire to power your intercom and link it to your electronic or magnetic door lock.

3. Audio Intercoms

Sometimes termed an apartment buzzer, an audio intercom enables visitors to talk with occupants within the building. If the audio intercom system also incorporates a door release mechanism, the tenant may provide a building entrance to the guest.

4. Video Intercoms

The ideal video intercom includes a built-in camera, but you may also utilize an external camera. Displaying the camera footage needs extra gear, which you will install at different spots across the structure. Since video uses more bandwidth than audio, connecting a video intercom directly to the internet is ideal.

5. Outdoor Intercoms

Outdoor intercom systems consist of weatherproof gear put outdoors. Visitors use this hardware to contact residents and seek property access.

6. Apartment Intercoms

Apartment intercoms allow you to communicate with visitors conveniently. These intercoms often incorporate a door release mechanism. You should consider investing in an apartment intercom if you reside in a multi-family building.

7. Commercial Intercoms

Commercial intercoms, as the name suggests, are suitable for commercial buildings. However, you can even install this system in your apartment building.

8. Office Intercoms

You can find both internal and external office intercoms available. Internal intercoms work similar to walkie-talkies, i.e., allowing you to communicate with people in other parts of your property. External intercoms will enable you to talk with visitors when they come up to the gate. Therefore, you have the option to open the gate from inside and allow them entry without hassle.

9. Gate Intercoms

At many houses, the front entry is not a door – it is a gate. You may use a gate intercom system to provide entrance to automobiles or people.

RFID Gate Access Control Systems

rfid-gate-access-control-systems Gate Access System Guide

Most RFID systems employee keycards or fobs. You will have to provide a registered device to each user, including family members or anyone who visits your property frequently.

Telephone Entry Systems

You will find three main types of telephone entry systems:

1. Landline Systems

These systems work similarly to a regular phone call. You can talk to the visitors on a landline phone.

2. Cellular Systems

However, it is unlikely that you will have a working landline at home. Less than 40% of homes in the US have landline phones. As a result, manufacturers are now upgrading their systems to adapt to smartphones.

3. Telephone Entry Systems with Cameras

Current telephone entry systems feature in-unit hardware with displays to show video footage. In addition, you can find mobile applications that show video footage of guests from their cellphones.

Vehicle Detection Systems

vehicle-detection-systems Gate Access System Guide

Vehicle detection systems help to regulate access at gated driveways, parking garages, and other automobile entrance points. When placed at vehicle access control gates, vehicle detection systems guarantee that only authorized automobiles may enter the property.

1. Proximity Cards

This system involves placing a proximity card inside each vehicle. Therefore, you will have to register proximity cards with the detecting system and put them in your car. Run the card over the sensor to unlock the gate.

2. Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR is an accurate system that automatically scans vehicle number plates as they approach. ANPR gate systems have been available for years and may bring significant advantages to secure site administrators and users alike. The technology assists in reducing waiting at barriers. This system is a suitable standalone solution for busy venues that need safe automatic vehicle identification. It gives you automated 24-hour access to secure areas or car parks by simply inputting the necessary vehicle’s number plate into the system. When pre-approved cars come up, the barrier will open, enabling free-flowing vehicle access in and out of any secure facility, deleting or canceling entry at any moment. With a read range of up to 10 meters, the ANPR camera enables quick vehicle detection. In addition, deep learning algorithms make it possible to correctly record numbers under challenging situations and scan plates with diverse font styles. If cars need permission entry briefly or inadvertently, the ANPR camera is the best way to proceed.


To sum it all up: The most acceptable gate control solution for any location or access need is a gate intercom. You may use a smartphone app, a PIN, a virtual key, an Apple Watch, or even Siri or Alexa. The physical access control system (PACS) restricts entry to a specific area or facility. Using PACs, you can protect your property from vandalism, theft, and trespassing. The key questions you need to answer when selecting an access control system include:

  1. What are your primary concerns?
  2. How many buildings do you need to secure?
  3. Do you need to regulate access to auxiliary constructions like parking garages?
  4. How many doors will need physical access control?
  5. How many every day or occasional users?
  6. Do you have varying degrees of access in your organization?
  7. What qualifications do you require?
  8. Do you need to comply with any regulations?

The information we shared in this article will help you make an informed decision about the type of access control system you should install on your gate.

We are here to help. Call us and schedule a complimentary onsite consultation. Call (281) 407-0768.

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