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Many gated communities have security guards and security video camera systems, but burglary and theft are still rising. Crime occurs primarily because of the ineffectiveness of the neighborhood security system. Security cameras for gated community must be precisely situated and deployed to provide top security for residential areas. And someone needs to be checking every camera around the clock, 356 days a year.
Today’s homeowners want to sleep soundly, knowing that their home is safe for them and their children. Nothing is more vital than the safety of your loved ones. Today’s criminals are desperate, and they are more than eager to walk into a neighborhood and begin looting. Even if your community has a security guard and gate security system, anyone can find their way in through back areas and sneak into homes.
Implementing remote video monitoring in your community has a number of efficient and cost-effective advantages. These small, unobtrusive cameras should be placed in strategic locations across the neighborhood to ensure that every property is covered.
This video system works anywhere there might be vandalism, such as the gym or even at work.

How Gated Communities Can Keep Their Residents Safer

Gated communities establish the first line of defense in a community’s asset protection. Live guards, telephone entry boxes, virtual guards, or a mix of these alternatives are just a few of the choices for regulating admission. Security cameras for gated community are needed at gates but also throughout the property.
There’s so much activity in a gated community each day. There’s no way to keep track of anything without cameras. Theft is one of the most common issues in these communities. Thieves will find a means to break into a home or office building if there is one. Vandals have become more clever.

Dealing with Gate Damage at your Gated Community 

Another major issue in gated communities occurs when gates are damaged. Tailgating is to blame for some of this. Some of it is attributable to distracted drivers. Vandalism does happen, of course. Residents frequently complain that the gate system stops working. They grow frustrated while waiting for the gate to open.
The high-cost repairs are frequently absorbed rather than passed on to individuals who caused the harm. Security experts discovered that an out-of-date telephone entry system and underperforming cameras were insufficient to protect a small community. Some boards have looked into employing live guards. The community members find this appealing, but the price might be substantial.

Upgrading the Guard House

In many areas, the property does not have an ADA-compliant guardhouse. Thus the community would have to invest significantly in capital renovations to accommodate this type of service. The monthly services alone might cost more than $175,000 per month per property.
Boards must also consider the difficulty of hiring and training security personnel. These employees usually necessitate some supervision, which adds to the cost. As a result, virtual gate guards are becoming increasingly popular.
CCTV solutions have become one of the most cost-effective, efficient alternatives for many HOAs. These cameras can keep an eye on the grounds, monitor the access gates, and serve as a good replacement for a squad of security officers, thanks to advancements in video surveillance. Of course, finding the correct  video system for your gated community is critical. The best security camera for your gated community is one that can effectively serve your residents’ needs while keeping the bad guys out.
A neighborhood might be able to safeguard their pool and entry gates for a fraction of the cost of hiring live guards for just their entrance. The community might also add gate impact sensors and LED arms to their current barrier arms to make them more visible at night and to send out notifications if the arms are hit.
Though constant gate damage issues are certainly troubling, many other problems can be resolved with the right security camera system. They can limit the number of credentials given out to residents for speedy access to the resident entrance lane and obtain metrics and information on resident entry. The correct security camera system can generate detailed reports on guests who are permitted to enter the neighborhood.

Solve So Many Problems with the Right Security Camera System

wireless-gate-access-control-system Security Cameras For Gated Community

While some difficulties will always exist, the HOA gate systems will keep track of who comes and goes. There will be a video recording if a motorist damages the gates. Thieves will be inclined to look elsewhere for robbery victims. Residents can also get a better night’s sleep.
A good security camera system can save a community thousands of dollars in a variety of different situations. It may also provide the board with the tools and resources it requires to keep residents safe and maintain property values.
Homeowner’s associations should consider professional Security Cameras for securing, monitoring, and managing communal assets. When thinking about security providers, research how a security agency trains and deploys guards (remote or live).
Another factor to consider when modifying community security is whether the community can afford the expenditures connected with the proposed security system. Communities should investigate the best choices for protecting their assets when new developing technologies emerge. But they must do so within budget.

How to Efficiently Install Security Cameras for Gated Community


The most crucial duty after deciding on the type of surveillance system to use is to devise a strategy for deploying video cameras across the property. Because not all cameras are made the same, you’ll need to plan your installation carefully to achieve the greatest results.
Today’s market is flooded with surveillance systems, cameras, and software. Choosing the proper one can reduce your liability and increase your earnings. It’s critical that you grasp the advantages of IP-based security camera technology and how you may use it to reduce HOA liability.
Today’s surveillance cameras and software have incredible functionality to handle any condition, even in bad weather.
When visual detail is critical, megapixel security cameras for gated community are recommended. Megapixel IP Cameras provide forensically reliable evidence by allowing you to zoom in on recorded images. This technology is highly recommended for many HOAs because it is affordable and configurable.

Monitoring your Cameras

security-cameras-monitoring-station Security Cameras For Gated Community

You can connect security cameras to a cutting-edge monitoring station. A security camera system is so much more than meets the eye. It can, for example, provide real-time threat detection. It has the potential to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place and speed up police response times.

How Nexlar Can Help

The security camera installation staff at Nexlar is here to help. Our expert installation crew adheres to a strict installation standard to ensure a timely and high-quality job. Our security camera installers are highly skilled to provide your business or gated community with a customized security system, access control, entrance, CCTV, and gate system that will be easier to operate and provide years of reliable service.

Some Tips for Success 

It’s a good idea to invest in security camera equipment, but don’t let an accident prevent you from discovering that your footage isn’t being recorded properly. Our staff of security camera installers has been trained to ensure that your CCTV camera system is properly installed and programmed.
As part of our security camera installation package, the surveillance software will be customized to your commercial property and business demands.
Nexlar Security provides some of Houston’s best security camera installation services. We follow particular installation procedures to ensure that your cameras last a long time. We are here for you with an industry-leading security camera installation warranty.
Nexlar is the premier security camera installer in Houston. Because our focus is on designing the greatest security camera technology for your gated community, our unique approach to security camera installation allows you to get a better return on your investment.
We choose software that saves you time while providing you with information that can best be analyzed with artificial intelligence, allowing you to improve the effectiveness of your personnel.

Try the Nexlar Security App for Convenience

We make it simple for you at Nexlar Security by placing the power of security at your fingertips. Our user-friendly mobile app now allows you to monitor, replay, and operate surveillance cameras anywhere.  Artificial intelligence software embedded in our custom-built cameras helps you get a higher return on your investment. Our CCTV system may be connected with license plate recognition software, access control, and intrusion systems for optimum security with more user control.
Learn more about our customized security system, access control, entrance, CCTV, and gate system by taking advantage of our free site study and free estimate. Our security system installers have over 50 years of combined experience and can help you choose the perfect security camera system for your gated community.
Please call us at 281-407-0768. We are here to assist you and make the process of installing security cameras much simpler and worry-free.


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