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Nexlar Temperature Alarm Monitoring System

Commercial & Industrial Temperature Monitoring System

Remote Critical Environment Monitoring, has become an important solution. Its is used by a variety of business, and has immensely increased in consumer demand. Today’s technology advancements makes this easily managed solution not just possible, but an optimal solution for your business. Whether discussing simple surveillance, or more specific services such as remote temperature monitoring, the advantages of remote critical environment monitoring system are overwhelming! Do you ever worry about something go wrong with your freezers while you and your employees are not around? A massive amount of products require specific storage temperature to ensure qualities, prevent spoilage, or decay. Temperature is vital to the success of your enterprise, cash-flow, and customer satisfaction. Let us help you manage such need easily and effectively.


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IP & Cloud Based Temperature Monitoring is Easy

It’s easier than ever to gain access to the monitoring data from your computer or mobile device with our IP based temperature monitoring system! Simply tell us the desired temperature parameters and we’ll take care of the rest! Alternatively, you can choose to use our cloud based temperature monitoring system. This remote monitoring system uses an internet network to upload the monitoring data to our database, where our state-of-the-art software will analyzes it. In the event that the software encounters data showing that the temperature of one of the sensors has gone above or below the limits. You will automatically receive a alarm message through text and e-mail, informing you of the situation. The software also saves the history of the monitoring data, to which you have given full access.


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Nexlar Security Access Control System

Access Control- The golden key for your business

Let us unleash the future of access control. Use Nexlar Security solution to easily track, in real-time, employees or visitors with the most innovative solution in the security industry. Facial, Iris, fingerprint, and fingervein options are available to ensure total protection. Learn More

Security Cameras – The boss is always watching

The power of security at your fingertips – Nexlar makes security easy. Our intrusion detection systems are flexible and designed with your needs in mind whether you are a small business or large enterprise we can help. With our systems you will know if there is an issue as soon as it happens ensure your business always secure and maximize your ROI. Learn More

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Nexlar Security Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection – The boss is always watching

The power of security at your fingertips – Nexlar makes security easy. Our intrusion detection systems are flexible and designed with your needs in mind. Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, we can help. You will know if there is an issue as soon as it happens. This will ensure your business is always secure and your ROI. Learn More


Security Integration – and other Services

Nexlar loves security integration and the many possibilities of making life and business more profitable, as well as easier. Our systems are designed with your ROI in mind. We offer many services that can help you save time, increase productivity, and make money. We will work closely with you to ensure goals and satisfaction are meet! Learn More


Nexlar Security Video Verification Alarm

Monitoring Of Critical Environmental Conditions

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