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As a neighborhood manager, ensuring the security of your residents is a top priority. Gated communities offer a sense of safety and exclusivity, but as security threats evolve, so must our strategies. At Nexlar Security, we are dedicated to providing advanced security solutions tailored to the unique needs of modern gated communities. Here are some of the latest security tips and trends to help you keep your community safe.

1. Upgrade from Universal Entry Codes

One of the biggest vulnerabilities in many gated communities is the use of universal entry codes. These codes are convenient but easily compromised. Instead, implement unique access codes that expire after use or on a schedule. Nexlar’s advanced access control systems integrate with smartphone technology, allowing residents to send digital passes to their guests. This approach not only limits the spread of access codes but also enhances security through detailed tracking and reporting.

2. Utilize Advanced Security Cameras

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Security cameras are crucial for deterring and monitoring crime. When selecting cameras, look for those with:

  • Wide Field of Vision: To cover larger areas.
  • High-Definition Imaging: To capture clear images, even in low light.
  • Durability: To withstand various weather conditions.

Nexlar offers a range of cameras, including bullet and dome cameras, which are popular for their ease of installation and effectiveness. Combining different types of cameras, such as multi-sensor and PTZ cameras, ensures comprehensive coverage tailored to your security needs.

3. Strategic Placement of Security Cameras.

For maximum effectiveness, place cameras in high-traffic and vulnerable areas such as:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Parking garages
  • Recreational facilities
  • Administrative offices
  • Common areas

Avoid installing cameras in private areas like restrooms and locker rooms to comply with privacy laws. Proper placement ensures comprehensive coverage and acts as a strong deterrent against criminal activities.

Put up Signs to Inform Residents

On-Edge Access systems are very similar to the cloud based access control system. On-edge access systems usually have a storage card installed directly in the access controller, which allows all the data to be saved in the controller. Users can access the access control system from any pc or web-enabled phone.

4. Implement License Plate Recognition .

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Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems are highly effective for monitoring vehicles entering and exiting the community. These systems capture detailed information, including license plate numbers, time, date, and vehicle details. Nexlar’s ALPR module allows residents to manage their vehicle’s whitelist settings, enhancing peace of mind and security. This technology helps track suspicious vehicles and provides valuable data for investigations.

How Does It Work?

The ALPR camera’s analytics program instantly translates textual pictures like plate numbers into readable formats, allowing software to evaluate and report on them.

Unlike a traditional security camera, LPR employs advanced technology to recognize and remember license plates and other things. You can set it to notify local law enforcement when an event occurs automatically. You can also use it in conjunction with a cloud-based mobile app to remotely monitor vehicles entering and exiting the community.

5. Adopt Mobile Access Credentials

Replacing traditional key fobs or cards with smartphone-based access controls is becoming increasingly popular. Mobile credentials offer robust security through encryption and are easily managed via cloud-based systems. Residents can use their smartphones to enter community gates and shared facilities, simplifying access and reducing the risk of lost or stolen physical keys.

Access is granted only once.

Instead of actual keys that can be copied, use access codes that are logged and timestamped. Even better, you can establish one-time access codes that expire. You won’t have to worry about giving keys to service personnel ever again.

Residents should use mobile credentials.

mobile-credentials Neighborhood Security

Have you considered using a smartphone in place of your key fob or access control card? With the use of smartphones, residents may enter community doors and gates without the need to go through a lengthy ID verification process.

The robust encryption used by smartphones reduces the security risks associated with using them as login credentials. As residents come in and go out, it’s simple to automatically activate and deactivate their credentials, reducing the need to issue or revoke physical identification manually. Furthermore, these smartphone-based credentials are nearly tough to replicate!

6. Invest in a Cloud-Based Access Control System

Cloud-based access control systems provide a centralized platform for managing community security. These systems allow for remote monitoring and control, making it easier to manage access to gates and shared facilities. Nexlar’s cloud-based solutions support multi-layer verification processes, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry. This approach offers scalability and flexibility, ideal for modern gated communities requiring advanced security measures.

Modernizing Your Neighborhood Security

Staying ahead of potential security threats requires integrating cutting-edge technologies like Nexlar’s Alfred360 visitor management system and access control solutions. These systems provide comprehensive security by managing access, monitoring activity, and generating detailed reports. By implementing these advanced security measures, you can ensure the safety and peace of mind of your residents.

For more information on how Nexlar Security can enhance your community’s security, book a demo with one of our Neighborhood Solutions Consultants today. Call (281) 407-0768 or visit our website at Nexlar Security.

By staying updated with the latest security trends and technologies, gated communities can effectively protect their residents and maintain a secure environment. At Nexlar Security, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to help you achieve this goal.

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