1) When speaking to the Nexlar Office Team did you feel they had your best interest in mind?

2) How satisfied were you with your Consultant, did s/he understand your needs and offer helpful solutions?

3) Did you find the quoting process easy, and was information readily available?

4) Was the procedures that followed the quoting process up to the installation date effective (Deposit Request, Ordering of Equipment, Confirmation of Install, ect.)?

5) Were the technicians professional, knowledgeable, clean, and effective?

6) Was the Nexlar Team knowledgeable and sensitive to your security needs?

7) Were questions and needs responded to quickly and effectively?

8) On an Overall Basis, how satisfied are you with Nexlar Security LLC.?

9) Would you recommend Nexlar to an associate?

10) Do you have any recommendations, or additional comments?