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Are you looking for physical access control companies in your area? This is a quick guide to physical access control and how to choose the right company. A physical access control company is essential because you need to make sure that your company follows the city and county’s rules for access control installation. The process of setting up access control isn’t as easy as many people think it is. Because you are changing how the door works, this is a considerable risk for you and your company. As an example, most cities and counties want you to have three ways to get out of your business when you add electric magnetic locks on your doors. The magnetic lock must be connected to the fire alarm panel, to a request to exit motion, and to a request to exit button so that it can be used to leave.

In this post, we explain:

What is physical access control?

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Control of physical access It’s a safety and security measure to use hardware or electronic parts to keep people from getting into certain building parts. Physical access control includes fences, doors, gates, and barricades. The most common electronic access controls are alarms, access control systems, gates, and electronic locks that keep people from getting into certain building parts.

Most Common Physical access control?

Locks, gates, and doors are the most common ways to keep people from getting in. When most businesses are looking for physical access controls, they are looking for an electronic Access Control solution instead. Today, most companies have locks and keys that are hard to work with. After a worker is fired, most companies would hire a pricey locksmith to rekey all of their locks. Also, the more keys you have, the more difficult it is to keep track of them all.
Electronic Access Control will make your company’s Security process easier. When you use electronic Access Control, you can easily stop people from getting into certain doors. With an electronic access control system, I can also keep track of how many people show up for work each day.
People use biometrics, RFID card readers, Mobilepass credentials, Toll tags, and pin codes to get into places with electronic access controls. Facial, Iris, fingerprint, and palm recognition are some of the most common biometric Access Control methods, but there are many more.

What are the requirements to install physical Access Control?

There are a few things that you need to do first before you can install any physical Access Control. Before the building is built, an architect usually draws up plans that show how the doors open, what kind of locks are used on them, and how to get out of the building. Most cities have rules about physical access control to keep people safe. Most of the time, the general contractor will be in charge of obtaining the permits and having the inspections done for the physical Access Control on new construction. If you decide to add physical security after the building is done, you must get a permit for the physical Access Control first.

With most doors, you need to have free egress and be able to exit with one motion. for the doors to leave One exit or the door must be open at all times while the building is being used. Most cities will ask you to put a sticker on the door that says this door must be unlocked while the building is in use. For electronic Access Control, you need to hire a licensed security company that can do it. The licensed security company must apply for the access control permit before they can start any work with access control. When you start using an electronic access lock, you need to get a permit from your city or county. Moss, an access control company, will make a drawing of the exit signs, the types of electronic hardware that will be installed in each door, and how the doors will open and close. M must show how the access control system is wired to the fire alarm panel in an electronic drawing for the Access Control permit that they are going to make. The access control company will also give you spec sheets for all the equipment that is going to be put in. After the access control permit has been approved, the access control company will set up the inspections for the electronic locks to be done by them. When the city inspector or Fire Marshal approves the system, they will give you the permit, which you can then use to build.

For new gates to be put up on your property, you usually have to get a permit from the city or town. Most cities and counties want you to put up a 911 box, a Knox Box UL 1037 with tamper-proof, and a padlock with the city’s key code on your door.

Every city and county has different rules, so it’s important for you to get in touch with the city permit center and a fire marshal. Afterward, you can start to build your gate. It’s important to call for an inspection of the gate and the fence after you’re done with them for approval.


What’s the right physical access control for your company or business?

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Definitely physical Access Control is not one solution fits all. if you’re looking for a physical access control companies to consult with, call us. We are experts at physical Access Control and would love to help you. keep in mind we offer free consultation and we are here to help you.
Physical Access Control is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Call us for help finding the access control solution for your business. We know a lot about physical access control, and we’d love to help you with it. Keep in mind that we offer free consultations, and we are here to help you, as well.
So, before you choose the right physical Access Control, make sure you choose the right company. Keep an eye on the company to see if it’s licensed, insured, and knows how to apply for a physical access permit. In order to get the best security for your business, the company you work with needs to be very good at door hardware and electronic physical Access Control. You can hire a physical access control company in the US. We are in Houston, Texas, and we serve all over the country. What should I do now? Call us today, and we’ll set up a free consultation with one of our access control experts.

Physical access control for small businesses.

A high-security lock, an alarm system, and cameras are all good things to have if you run a small business and want to keep people out. If you have less than five employees, it will be straightforward for you to keep track of keys. You should put in Access Control if you want to grow your small business. This will let you keep people from getting into certain areas and at certain times.

Physical access control is a good idea for businesses that are medium to large.
With each new person you hire, you have to keep track of more and more parts of your business. It is very important to choose the right physical access control company. The right physical access control company can help your business run more smoothly, reduce your liability, and improve security. In most big businesses, we’ll have an alarm system and security cameras. We’ll also have fences and gates.

Most businesses with fences have security guards at the gates to keep people out. A customer in Houston saved more than $1,000,000 per year by switching from 14 security guards to our Alfred360 solution. This was done in Houston by our Company ( Nexlar). In the past, there were seven entrance gates that were controlled by 14 security guards. Barrier arm Gates, license plate readers, toll-tag readers, and card readers were installed by Nexlar at this Houston facility to facilitate access control for employees in the building and gated area. For visitors and contractors, put in a touch screen call box that can be used to keep track of them. This telephone entry system with visitor management lets our client quickly register visitors and get alerts when a visitor has arrived.

Our clients were able to easily keep track of visitors, employees, and contractors thanks to this Cloud-based access control system that was easy for them to use.

If you’re looking for companies that do physical access control in your area, we can help you find them. If you call us today, we’ll give you a free consultation and design a physical access control system that fits your needs and budget, so give us a call now.

Physical access control for high security and government solutions

High-Security Solutions for Enterprise and government

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UL 437 Grade 1 locks are the best for locks. It meets the needs of a commercial building, and it also protects against heavy use and vandalism. When choosing a high-security lock, make sure you choose one with patent-key technology, which makes it hard to make copies of.

The government and businesses use High-security gates.


Gates that keep people out are used in a lot of different businesses. A high-security gate makes sure that only people and cars who are supposed to be there can get in. Nexlar is a company that makes security gates for places that need them. These places are:

When people want to get to and from places, they go to airports and seaports.

When people want to get to and from places, they go to airports and seaports.
Industrial and commercial factories are where things are made and sold, and they are also where people work.
On the border, there are military bases and checkpoints where people can enter and leave.
Plants that make sure the water is safe to drink are used.
In a train yard is depots, tracks, and other places where trains are stored.
Officials from the city and the transportation terminals work together to make sure that people can get to and from their places of work and school.
A high school and a college

Access Control Systems are used by the government and in high-security places.

Weigand and OSDP are the two main types of protocols used to communicate between a card reader and an access controller. Most access control manufacturers will use these two types of protocols. In the Weigand protocol, the reader and the controller only talk to each other one way. People use the OSDP protocol to communicate with each other in a secure way. If you have access control systems that use Wiegand technology, you can easily copy them. The OSDP technology is hard to copy because it is encrypted. Most governments these days use FIPS credentials that can be used with our access control systems. We can also use TWIC cards as a form of access control. The government should also use Enterprise-level access control and a video analytics camera in high-security places. You can do facial recognition by integrating the cameras with the access control system. This lets you make sure the person who is using a card reader is the right person. Having a product or camera system with video Analytics can help you cut down on your costs and make your business more secure.
A proactive camera system can detect a threat and send an alert to a security guard or a guard who isn’t there.

How to select the right physical Access Control installation company?

The first thing you need to do is choose a company that knows the rules in your area. Most counties and cities require that you get a permit to install access control in your business. The physical access control company must develop a detailed plan that shows where all of the electronic and hardware devices are and how they work in relation to fire alarms. Once the permit has been approved, the access system company can move forward with installing and inspecting the card reader system.
Make sure you choose a company that knows how to use lock hardware so that you can be sure the building is safe and secure. We at Nexlar are experts at lock hardware and access control. Call us for a free consultation.

If you’re looking for physical access control for your company or business, we can help you out. Call us now to set up a free physical Access Control consultation. For help, call (281)407-0767.

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