commercial-access-control-systems Commercial Building Access Control System Guide

Locks and keys have been used to keep people from getting into commercial buildings for a long time now. A lock is easy to pick and bypass. Keys are easy to be duplicated, and whenever someone loses the key, you have to rekey the locks making it very expensive. Today, there are better ways to do to control access for your business.

Access control systems are the most effective way to keep people from getting into your commercial building, office, or business. Access control can help your building keep track and provide easy access for employees, contractors, and visitors.

This guide is about:

1. How do people keep from getting into places where they don’t belong?
2. Commercial access control systems and different types?
3. What are the Best recommendations to install access control systems?
4. How to find the right commercial access control company?
5. Best Access control company

1. How do people keep from getting into places where they don’t belong?
Access control is the answer.

Get An Commercial Building Access Control System For Your Building And Business?

A commercial building access control system is a way for property managers or business owners to keep an eye on who can get into a building and what portions of it they can get into.

Using commercial building access control system, you can keep your doors locked for safety, but they also make it easy for people who are supposed to be there to get in. They give building owners and operators the power to decide who can use the space and when.

Access control systems are used in offices, businesses, and other commercial places. They make buildings more secure and easier to use. To get in, you need a credential. People who don’t have a valid credential can’t get in. Visitors may also be able to ask tenants for permission to enter their homes through some access control systems.

Type of access control and functions

For commercial buildings and offices, there are a lot of different types of access control systems. Most of them have the same four main parts.

The function of access control:
The primary function of access control is to replace keys and provide easy access to restricted areas. The access control system can also automatically unlock doors and gates on schedule. Access control for commercial buildings allows you to keep track of who enters the building, which areas they have accessed, and when they have access.
In today’s market, you have an array of credential options. Credential options are biometric, RFID card, RFID fob, toll tag, windshield tag, and mobile pass credential.

On-Premises Access Control

premises-access-control Commercial Building Access Control System Guide

The server of the commercial building access control system is located locally to increase security. The server communicates in LAN or via wire directly with the access control system making the system secure and less likely to be hacked. These on-premises access control systems are ideal for high-security applications.

Cloud-based Access control

Cloud-based access control enables you to monitor and control doors and gates remotely from any internet connected device. The server is on the cloud. This system is less secure compared to an on-premises access system, and they are easier to use and maintain. Depending on the access control system, you can control your card reader system from any cellphone or pc.

On Edge Access control web enable

web-enable-access-control-min Commercial Building Access Control System Guide

On-Edge Access systems are very similar to the cloud base access control system. O-edge access systems usually have a storage card installed directly in the access controller, which allows all the data to be saved in the controller. Users can access the access control system from any pc or web-enabled phone.

Stand Alone Access Control

Commercial building access control system that can be installed on a stand-alone basis
Typically, an electronic door is connected directly to a stand-alone access control keypad unit to regulate entry to the door. All the programming is done at the keypad level. With the stand-alone keypad access control, you have no audit trail. Stand-alone is easy to break in and poses a liability for your commercial building because codes a rarely changed.

Access control systems with mobile pass – your cellphone as a credential

A mobile access control system is an excellent investment for an office or business because it enables renters to unlock doors directly from their smartphones. Smartphones, tablets, and even wearable gadgets such as Apple Watches become quick access credentials.

3. Best Recommendation where to install commercial access control systems.

alfred360-commercial-access-control-system Commercial Building Access Control System Guide

Selecting the best commercial building access control system depends on the type of business or building you have. If you have a highly secure facility, we would recommend an on-premises access control system for your building. Most of our clients in Houston use RFID card Access control systems. They are easy to use and inexpensive. When selecting the type of credential is best to select something that is easy to deliver. RFID card readers are easy to program and provide to your building clients

If your building is a higher-end building and you are looking to create a great impression, we would recommend using mobile pass access control combined with the alfred360 access system and telephone entry systems.
ALfred360 will help you with visitor and contractor management. The system can be installed on your doors, elevator, and parking garage.
Alfred 360 can control all your gates and door while efficiently managing your contractors and employees.
One of our clients in Houston saved over 1 million dollars per year by replacing 12 security guards with Alfred360 to manage seven different gates.
Alfred360 access control is on the cloud and easily manage all employee and staff. Alfred360 callbox with visitor management can manage all visitor and guests entries and exits. Alfred360 streamline the entire company entry process and simplify all gate entries. Using a license plate reader, Alfred360 access control keeps track of all license plates registered in the system. If you are looking for a commercial access control system for your building, Nexlar can help. We provide free onsite access control expert consultation. We are located in Houston and have partners nationwide. Call now to schedule your free onsite consultation.
We are here to help you with all your card reader control systems.

4. How to select the right commercial access control company to install your access control system?

install-commercial-access-control-systems Commercial Building Access Control System Guide

The first step is to make sure the company is licensed and with good reviews. Access control system for building changes the way your door operates and can pose a threat if it is not installed properly.
The first step to installing access control is to check with your local jurisdiction. Most cities and counties required access control permits to be applied prior to the installation. Usually, the access control permit is reviewed by a city inspector or fire marshal, and once approved, the city or county notifies your contractor.

Once the access control permit is approved, we can begin your installation following all specs and layouts of your access control permit.

All magnetic locks should have three means of exit. A request to exit button, motion, and connect to fire alarm relay. All electronic locks should have one motion exit to comply with the national fire code.

If you need help with access control system installation or design, we are here to help. We offer free access control consultation, and we are glad to help you.

5. Nexlar is the Best Commercial Access control system and integrator

We are customer-centric, and our goal is to increase your security while minimizing your investment. We do this by partnering with over 200 manufacturers to ensure we are getting the best system for the best price.
We make sure to understand your building behavior and need to provide the best access system installation. We find ways to minimize your liability and increase the security of your building.
You’ll also save money by getting rid of key fobs and credit cards. Nexlar mobile pass solution allows tenants to use their smartphones, saving you money and the hassle of purchasing and programming fobs.

Save money and get the best access control solution that will fit your needs and budget.
Call us today – at (281) 407-0768


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