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Enhance Security, Efficiency, and Control with HOA Gate Access Control Integration.

Gates have withstood the test of time as the number one preventive measure against theft and other undesirable crimes. In some places, burglars have direct access to houses and can enter any home whenever they feel like it. Consequently, there has been a steep increase in home robberies, especially since criminals can now monitor the activities of the people they want to rob on social media.

Another concerning factor is that even though the rate of home robberies has increased, only 12.9% of reported burglaries are ever solved. In areas with high property values, burglaries can be very problematic. You can stop burglaries even before they happen by denying these criminals entry into the community by using a gate.

As effective as gates are for reducing and stopping burglaries, they’re only half as good without secured access solutions. Criminals are adept at identifying unsecured gates, and they know ways to quickly get through those gates.

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  1. Quality and Trust: With over 1000+ satisfied clients, Nexlar prides itself on delivering personalized, reliable security solutions that meet unique needs.
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HOA Gate Access Control Systems

Whether you’re looking to manage visitor access, secure sensitive areas, or upgrade your entire security infrastructure, Nexlar has the expertise and technology to deliver. Our solutions are designed to provide efficient, hassle-free access control, enhancing security without compromising on convenience.

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Telephone Entry System

telephone entry system is the most advanced security measure for gate access systems. Residents and guests can quickly enter with their unique digital keys.

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Gate Entry System

This is for areas that receive vehicle traffic. If gated driveways are not monitored, criminal activities are likely to increase. With a system that can identify authorized vehicles through a license reader and smartphone authorization process, your community will be as secure as it can be.

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Gate Repair And Maintenance

If your community receives foot traffic and you want to have complete control over who enters using this method, a pedestrian access control gate is a suitable choice for you.

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Our collaboration with top manufacturers ensures you receive nothing short of the best in access control consultation and solutions.

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Jerry Adams
Ok Rod Lima set me up on the sales and got me going in the right direction with our needs . Steve and his installers were dispatched and handled the job with no problems . Steve is allays spot on with service and remotes in to assist me as needed . Thank to the Nexlar team for their service to our facility.
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Dana Wood
Simply the Best to Work with, so responsive Special Thanks To Bonnie!
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Nicole Townsend
Steve has been a life saver for our community more than once! Gone above and beyond even fixed problems for us that weren’t related to his system! Any time we call with an issue their team is super quick to pin point the problem and get us back up and running!
ACg8ocL1qJFOqTbdviAQTzGyMR0yEW6k5uJYMvYvWKUQcYAI=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Hoa Gate Access Control
Great service and value!
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Alfonso Piña
Great communication to resolve question and excellent prices
ACg8ocJMyeqBmc4SjlGJu0pbIr86QxWsJ08kAybYWjRAYn5m=s120-c-rp-mo-br100 Hoa Gate Access Control
Farrah Vaughner
Frank and Pedro had great customer service. They were amazing and super professional. They never gave up. We had issue after issue and they never quit. We are all up and running now. Thanks so much!!!
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Ontario tc
Ordering and customer service was excellent. Bonnie was extremely pleasant and very helpful. I would order from this company again and recommend it to others.
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tcplee md
Ordered dvr’s and needed them quickly, Bonnie went out of her way to get them to me very quickly, she was quick to return emails, and what we received was exactly what we needed. Thank you Bonnie!