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Are you looking for a professional who can set up your security cameras? Nexlar is the best person to install CCTV cameras in Houston, Texas. There are people who can help you with everything from planning to keeping your security cameras up and running. It doesn’t matter whether your business is a small one or a big one. Nexlar Security cameras can be set up for both. It’s safe to say that our security camera installer is licensed, friendly, and very good. We care about our customers. Make an appointment for a free security camera consultation at your office. Call us today at (281) 407-0768

 It will be better for your business if we know how to set up and use security cameras. We want to help your business get the best return on its investment. Make sure you don’t buy cameras that are going to be able to see when you move. This is a skill that our professional security camera installer has a lot of experience with. Our special security camera technology can help your business be more productive and decrease liability.



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License Plate Recognition Security Cameras

We are experts at license plate security cameras. Nexlar has a lot of different license plate cameras that can meet your needs and your budget. LPR (license plate recognition) cameras change based on the speed of the moving cars. Security camera installers from our company are very well-trained in how to set up, program, and install security cameras. Call us today and schedule a free onsite security cameras consultation.

Megapixel Security Cameras

When you care about the small details, HD (megapixel) surveillance cameras will be your best choice. There is a new technology that makes HD Security Cameras more affordable and easier to use. IP CCTV security cameras allow us to zoom in on the recorded images and get the best forensic images from the cameras. Our installers of CCTV cameras have the skills and tools to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Remote Viewing Security Cameras

Whether you’re at home or away, you can see your security cameras. A free app for your smartphone will be installed by our security cameras installer. This app will let you see the cameras from your home. Our phone app is very easy to use. It doesn’t take long at all. You can watch the live feed and playback videos. Most of our security system lets you see the cameras from anywhere. Call us today to set up a free meeting with a surveillance camera installer.

Cloud Based Security Cameras
Cloud surveillance cameras send video to the cloud, which means that you can see the footage from any device. This isn’t all: The cloud can also help improve the safety, efficiency, and return on investment of cameras. Remotely, all of the images are being taken. They use the cloud as a backup. When you have internet and a network, cloud storage can be used.

Video Analytics

It’s cheaper to use a Smart Video Alarm than a traditional security system because it’s more accurate and proactive. There are ways that they can make manned guards and police officers who are there all the time more efficient and effective. Video analytics in security cameras is a big step up from just detecting when someone moves around. Motion detection looks for changes in pixels. On the other hand, video analytics uses intelligence to identify people, cars, and other objects.

Alarm Integrated Cameras

Cameras can be integrated with alarm to offer an extra layer of protection.

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When you need help with your security cameras, we’re here to help you! We serve Houston and all of the surrounding cities. The cities where we have clients are Austin and San Antonio. Dallas and Brownsville are also cities where we have clients. If you need a security installer near you, then this might be the right place for you to look. We’re here to help. Our proactive surveillance cameras can protect your business and help you do some of your business more quickly and easily, as well. It’s time to set up your free CCTV consultation.


There must be a license for security camera installers in Texas, and they must get it from the department of public safety. If you want to work with security cameras in Texas, you’ll need to get a license from Texas. Licensed Security Cameras installers can only work with licensed cameras if they have a company license. A business is also breaking texas law by hiring an unlicensed individual. According to Texas law, you can only hire a licensed company to work on your surveillance cameras. 

Nexlar security is based in Houston, TX, and they serve all of the other cities in the area whether you want to set up a free security installer consultation today.We’re here to help. Call us now. We install security cameras for a low price and treat you well, from basic CCTV to a high-end video system for business. We can help your company. We will go wherever you are, no matter how far or how close we are to you.

Most security camera installers work for a rate of $75 to $150 an hour, but that can vary. In terms of expertise and certifications, the rate varies. The people who set up security cameras aren’t all the same. With the new technology that is out there, security camera installers are more like network engineers now that they can. Putting in security cameras is not as easy as plugging in a device. It’s a lot to think about, from how far away the camera is to how long it takes to set up the network.

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