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Hosuton Virtual Security Guard

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Nexlar Security provides real-time , interactive video monitoring. Using surveillance network Nexlar Security video guard tours on a scheduled, emergency on as-needed basis. Protect your property with unparallel service that combines video monitoring and Virtual guards 24/7. This significantly reduce personnel cost and improve site security.

Virtual Guard Through Video Analytics offers superior analytics to transform your video surveillance system into a dynamic, real-time, proactive system that delivers early warning of security breaches, fast appearance-match video search, and new levels of video quality, network and storage efficiency. It sports state-of-the-art, ultra-wide dynamic range day/night detection and the only self-learning video analytics system-all leading to the highest degree of accuracy with the fewest false alarms in the industry.

All the equipment used as state of the art technology and all our technicians are highly trained.

We are fully licensed in the state of Texas and proud member of the BBB and TBFAA (Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association).

Virtual & Remote Security Guard Solutions

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Virtual And Remote Surveillance Benefits

video monitoring
access control Increases environment safety
megapixel security Deters any employee theft
video verification Prevents any Criminal Activity
alarm association Increases employeesí late night safety
alarm network Removes all unwanted people from your property
security alarm Tracks people moving to and from the high security areas
medical alert More efficient than the guards: no sick time, lawsuits, etc.
monitoring system 2-way audio and relay control
analytics megapixel Non-proprietary system can integrate with any technology on the market
security cameras Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface regardless of on-site technology
video analytics Fully integrated video verification system with multi-view video cameras
security cameras Secure Internet access from anywhere, including via PDA and WAP
solutions security Full audit trail with secure online reports, event history and remote storage
virtual security Fully redundant architecture
nexlar security
virtual security
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megapixel security
control security
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network security
telephone solution
security integration
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Nexlar Video Testimonials

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A proud member of the BBB & Texas Burglar
& Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA).
State of Texas License No. B14634
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