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Nexlar Security Video Blogs

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Nexlar Security Review

Here is one of the extremely satisfied clients of Nexlar Security. Nexlar offered best in the industry security cameras & CCTV Installation services.

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Houston Home Security Camera Reviews

Nexlar offers the latest solutions to protect and keep you family safe. Our Home Security Solutions are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and budget. Here is a client review of our services..

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Nexlar Video Analytics

Remote monitoring devices & solutions is one of Nexlar's core strength. With our customized solutions, you can monitor your home or business place all the time without being physically present.

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Nexlar Video Testimonial

Nexlar believes in offering outstanding customer service at the best price possible. Our moto is to keep quality services and here is what our client has to say..

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Megapixel Vs Analog Security Cameras

Difference between resolutions of Megapixel Camera V/S Analogue Cameras. Megapixel camera are 10 times better in clarity and capturing the target images as comapred to Analogue cameras.

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Next Generation Smart Video Behavioral Analytics

Nexlar offers Next Generation Smart Video Behavioral Analytics systems which monitor all activity at your home or business and also set alarms for rescue. The high definition systems can be highly programmed to avert any unwanted situations and are also capable of working on rain, snow or night.

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Houston License Recognition Camera

Nexlar offers License Recognition Systems (CCTV Cameras) that can provide surveillance 24/7 and safe guard your property.

The system records can even record the license plates in the dark.

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DVR Demo

Nexlar specializes in customized Digital Video Recorder integration for your residential as well as commercial security. The DVR systems can safe guard you property from any mishappenings remotely.

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Houston Video Alarm

Nexlar installs different kinds of video Alarm systems according to customized needs. Video Alarm solutions are available for commercial and residential properties too.

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Video Verification - Police Arrest

Automatic Video Verification Systems that can inteligently defer any intrusion and can also cause alert the cops causing instant arrests.

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Licence Plate Recognition Cameras

Nexlar Security provides Weather proof Licence Plate Recognition mega pixel video Cameras capable of operating in both day and night conditions.

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Houston Megapixel Security Cameras

Nexlar Security offers the latest technologies and expertise in IP megapixel remote video surveillance cameras & 3D face recognition systems.

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Houston Security Integrator

Houston Security Integrator - Delivers complete Security solutions for your Residential and Commercial assets.

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Houston Access Control - Iris scan

Nexlar provides a wide range of Access Control Systems along with unmatched support from security experts to ensure a custom safety solution for your Home and Business in Houston.

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Houston Security - Nexlar Gate Management Service

Nexlar offers the latest technology to secure, control and manage you gate system. Nexlar security specializes in gate integration and automation. Some of our gate system services include: Aluminum Gates, Barrier Operators, Card Readers, Gate Hardware, Keypad/Keyless Entry Systems, Loop Detectors, Mag Locks, Parking Controls, Power Wheels, Solar Gates, Telephone Entry Systems, Turnstiles, and Vehicle Tracking Systems.

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Nexlar Video Testimonials

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