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Houston Megapixel Security Cameras

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If you are looking for the latest technology to high quality video recording Nexlar security can help. We have installed many Megapixel security camera systems and can provide you with design, installation, programming and service of megapixel surveillance cameras.

We are fully licensed in the state of Texas and proud member of the BBB and TBFAA (Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association).

Megapixel Security Camera Solutions

alarm network
video analytics 1.3 to 10 Megapixel IP Video Security Camera
control security License Plate Recognition
facial recognition Facial Recognition
video verification Fast Remote Viewing
alarm video Zoom in on recorded image

Benefits of Megapixel Security Cameras

video recorder
analytics megapixel It's cost effective to implement megapixel technology
virtual security Covers a wider Field of View using fewer megapixel than VGA cameras
solutions security You will need less lenses, housings, NVR license fees, cable runs, labor time, moving parts, etc
megapixel security
Installations are less expensive than analog or low resolution IP installations compared to Field of View per camera, i.e; one 5.1 megapixel camera is equivalent to 16.4 VGA cameras.
access control Resolution Increases
cameras access
Replaces each low resolution camera with a megapixel camera to maximize total project resolution, and yield the best image quality possible

Megapixel Surveillance Video Samples

cameras video
cameras video
security cameras
video verification
video analytics
megapixel camera
access control
security alarm
network security
business telephone
security integration
virtual security
medical alert
system intercom
video verification

Nexlar Video Testimonials

alarm video
security integration
security integrator
A proud member of the BBB & Texas Burglar
& Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA).
State of Texas License No. B14634
alert system
video analytics

megapixel security